Abe Nigma February Feature

I'm Abe and I'm a Simmer, obviously, and as I'm fifteen years old, I'm still a student. "Humble" flex, but I won first runner up in an essay writing competition and am currently one of the best in my class. I also enjoy playing FPS games and the occasional Minecraft with my friends.

As of now, I've been a Simmer for around a year. The thing that keeps me playing is my friends. We play The Sims together and it's a whole lot of fun in it. It's not exactly a gameplay feature of The Sims, but it's definitely a reason for why I'm still holding on.

My favorite Sims game, at least for now, is the Sims 3. I haven't played it that often actually - I only play it every once in a while on my cousin's computer - but it doesn't take a genius to notice that the Sims 3 is a well designed and polished game. Even if you don't buy any of the DLCs, the features of the base game alone are enough to keep you happy for years of gameplay. Of course, it isn't perfect, considering the lag it brings, especially around the time it was released, and the graphics. CAS wasn't really good, considering every sim would look the same, especially when you didn't have custom content installed. However, the flaws are easy to look over, and overall, the gameplay is fun and interesting - which all games should be.

When I first started playing The Sims, I would usually do the "family" side of gameplay - building a talented family with beautiful houses and steadily increasing wealth. But as I kept playing the game, I started to drift into challenges, and then into building houses and creating Sims. I guess this was because the gameplay itself started to bore me, but I'll elaborate that point later.

If I would quit playing The Sims franchise as whole, I suppose it would be because of busy schedules, especially as I grow up into more taxing workloads. The Sims franchise has interested me for a long time, even before I started playing it itself. I still remember watching my friends mess around with Sims 3, and maybe Sims 2 as well, but I'm not too sure, and being pulled in. The franchise has a special charm to it, and I don't really see myself quitting in the near future. Besides, Sims 5 is steadily approaching, so that's definitely guaranteed to pike my interest over time.

I think my favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the build mode. At least for me, it's the best out of all the games, and offers a whole lot of "expandibility". There's a whole lot of things to build - everything form a mansion to a tiny home, and even a crashed spaceship if you have the creativity. Yes, it's still not perfect, looking at you, lack of bunk beds and spiral staircases, but the important thing is that it's spectacular and that it offers endless hours of building anything you desire!

I absolutely hate the relationship system in The Sims 4. It's basically empty - you can hit on someone like Mortimer Goth, convince him to divorce Bella, marry him, and divorce him all in one sim day. There's nothing like first loves, crushes, or even substance to them. I also dislike the absence of labels like "son-in-law" or "step-mother" and the inability to change a relationship status in CAS to "boyfriend" or "girlfriend". The whole thing seems rushed and half-baked, and definitely not fun at all. There isn't any challenge or motive to them.

In relation to my answer to my most hated feature of The Sims 4, I think a "relationship overhaul" would be the best thing. While suggestions like "baby overhaul" and "age group overhaul" would definitely improve the game, I think relationships would affect the game a whole lot more. Little things like crushes, or even first loves, are sure to warm your heart and get you invested in your Sim's relationships. Unlike before, you'll have to strive very hard to win the heart of people like Mortimer Goth. Gone are the days of lazy relationships! An overhaul like this will definitely add substance and challenge to the game - which just so happens to be the two features Simmers would like to see in the game.

Just like any other community, Simmers have good and toxic sides. You have Simmers who give their honest opinion and some constructive criticism, and you have Simmers who openly insult the developers and complain about every single pack. Despite this, I think The Sims 4 community is mostly friendly - it just so happens because of the lack of proper content is getting to some. I've been a part of the online community for maybe ten months, and I share pictures of my household, builds, and my fair share of Sims 4 memes on Reddit.

I recently joined the team "@Abe_nigma". We're still under construction, and we still need a video editor who can make videos for our opinions. Feel free to send a DM to @Abe_nigma on Twitter if you're interested!