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I'm Ivana Biong from Manila, Philippines, 27 years old. After working for many years, I went back to school and now am pursuing a postgraduate diploma studies in archaeology at the University of the Philippines. My hobbies, besides playing Sims, include reading, blogging, and photography. My interests are history, heritage, archaeology, arts, design, books, films, and photography.

In all the Sims PC games, my ultimate favorites are The Sims 2 and The Sims 3. I love them both equally in different ways. What I love about The Sims 2 is the quirkiness, depth, pre-set story lines, and small details like Sims' expressions and interactions that make the game so realistic, fun, and natural, and make the gameplay so great. Open world, small details like Sims' expressions and interactions, and gameplay is what makes The Sims 3 so great. TS3 may not have all the great gameplay features of TS2, but when I play Sims 3, I realize that the gameplay is just really so good and it makes me so hooked. The open world makes the whole game so immersive and you just feel that you're part of the neighborhood. Good gameplay just comes naturally. Customization in Build and Buy mode is also what I love about Sims 3, especially Create-A-Style, even though I don't use it that much, and color wheel.

I love playing with families and single and non-family Sims. I play based on my Sims' wants and my wants for them. I also play them based on my planned stories for them. I also love building and remodeling residential and community lots sometimes.

If I stopped playing The Sims, it would mean maybe I died. If I should stop playing The Sims, my reason would be that my computer is broken and cannot handle The Sims anymore. I had an experience like this before. I stopped playing for a year or two because our computer broke and needed to buy a new CPU. After getting a new CPU, I went back to playing.

My favorite things about The Sims 4 are the Build/Buy Mode and Create-a-Sim. Advancements to these made it so much easier to build lots and customize Sims. The graphics have also improved compared to the past Sims games.

I don't like the lack of customization such as no color wheel and create-a-style, lack of matching swatches in objects, and lack of depth and gameplay. Also, Sims in Sims 4 lack personalities. They all use the same expressions and animations, and have the same whims, and I think the reason is because all of these are too tied and dependent on their emotions system, which I also don't like. For me, their emotions system has no impact in my game. Multitasking in Sims 4 is also annoying to me. For me it's more like a "disturbance". I love the multitasking in Sims 2. Overall, the game is too easy and there are no risks and payoffs. The towns in Sims 4 are too small and not enough room for town customization, unlike in Sims 2 and 3.

The developers should revisit The Sims 2 and 3, and take notes of the great features of these games. I know that open world would be impossible to implement in Sims 4 at this time, but at least an overhaul of Sims' traits and the emotions system would be a good start. Add depth and content to the game and make it not too easy. Make it fun and quirky. 

I don't know if I can say that I'm part of The Sims 4 online community, because I rarely play the game and I don't upload much Sims 4 content. I mostly play Sims 2 and 3. But as I'm browsing my social media feeds, I see the Sims community as a positive online community, where they share their beautiful creations and stories and getting friendly with other Simmers around the world. But the ugly side of the community is Simmers who bully other Simmers who don't like some things from Sims 4 that gives constructive criticism. There's nothing wrong with not liking some content, but it's never right to bully others for voicing their opinion and not liking some things you like.

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