Fairy Simmer February Feature

My name Is Jade but I go by the name of FairySimmer on YouTube and Twitter. I am 26. I spend most of my time writing short stories and my novel in the hope to one day get published.

Since I was a kid, I would play The Sims for hours. I loved it when Sims 4 came out because there was no lag and was easy to get engaged into the game so quickly. I know the game is lacking in some areas but it improves all the time.

I find inspiration from other Simmers in The Sims community all the time. Fantayzia, Starwinxie, Xurbansimsx and many more are always there to help me feel inspired to play again when I lose interest, with new challenges and new ways to play the game. It's those that keep the game alive for me and encourage me to keep playing.

Sims 4 is my favorite Sims game. Easy . There's almost no lag and is easy to access. It was a great outlet for me. I love letting my creativity shine through a popular game.

I play Challenges such as 100 Baby Challenge, hard most days, without losing sanity! If you have tried the challenge, then you know what I mean. I also do mod reviews and family gameplay.

The only reason why I wouldn't play The Sims anymore is if my computer broke. I do tend to take breaks now and then though. Sometimes gameplay does dry up a bit. I always try to come back refreshed and ready to play.

I love how sometimes when I open my game I get a buzz of creativity. I do like the way stories come to life when I'm in game. The reason I like the game is because it gives me a chance to do something I can not do in real life. I also like the game because even though they are Sims, I can see past that, and I can envision how their lives are going to plan out.

I don't believe I hate anything about The Sims. Hate is such a strong word. I agree that there are a few things that could be added to improve the game. For example people with disabilities. A colour wheel. Star signs, favourite foods. A fixer upper car. More jobs for teens such as paper rounds, and writing for the school newspaper. I would also like a bus for little kids to get to school and nursery and preschool to be added and new things for toddlers to do. More after school activities such as learning to swim, field trips, ballet classes.

I have made a lot of online friends. I do find that the community can be intoxicating sometimes. There is a lot of negativity at the moment surrounding the community and I do feel like the community has lost what it is meant for.

Come find me and say "hi" on Twitter and YouTube: @fairysimmer20