Grouw: “Listen” in Simlish

by Niña Arandia

It would be bold of me to assume you haven’t tried singing along what’s playing on The Sims Radio. From Paramore to My Chemical Romance, and even Pussycat Dolls, dozens of artists have lent their hits to give music to the virtual world of Sims. Hereafter are  songs we think you should listen more to.

Don’t Worry by Zydeco Flames (The Sims: Unleashed): The band composed five other original tunes exclusively for the expansion. However, this title is one of their existing songs, re-recorded in Simlish, of course.

Daylight by Matt & Kim (The Sims 3: World Adventures): Daylight was performed by Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino. The song reverberates longing for home with lyrics talking about life on Grand Street in Brooklyn.

Peculiar Form Of Sleep by Wovoka Gentle (The Sims 4: Island Living): This fascinating harmony of instruments will take you to another place. In an album review by Amy Hill, she described the band’s music as: “euphoric, uplifting, and downright impressive.”

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum (The Sims 3): A song about late night talks, Need You Now was Grammy’s Song Of TheYear 2011. It has appeared in multiple films and charted as top song all over the globe.

Shark In The Water by VV Brown (The Sims 3):  Brown told Digital Spy the title refers to anxiety.
She said in an MTV interview that the lyrics are "about a relationship when you're anxious about
something and something's not quite right. A sense of paranoia."

Maybe some of you are like Atticus: “To be honest, I don’t know what songs are even in the Sims soundtracks…” But for the rest of us, turn that radio dial some more and grouw.