Moriarty Sims February Feature

My name is Erin Moriarty, I am over 30, and I work for a software developer. I have a pet parrot named Shibby who is my constant companion.

I started playing Sims 1 and 2. I took a break from The Sims scene for a while because of my WoW addiction, but returned for The Sims 4 with a vengeance.

I’ve only just started cracking the surface of it, but I love The Sims Medieval. It really shows off what EA is capable of doing in a game when they really put their minds to it. The storylines are good, there are so many things to do, I love the animations and the costumes. There are just so many things from that game I’d love to see them employ in The Sims 4.

I do elaborate stories in my gameplay. I use a ton of mods because I like drama, and I don’t want relationships to be too easy. I don’t like it when everything is going well for too long. So I guess you could say my play style is “ruining my Sims lives to tell interesting tales.”

My Let's Plays feature:

-- A Selvadoradan immigrant who is pregnant to the heir to the throne of Newcrest after secretly wedding the Crown Prince of Newcrest.

-- A queen whose own relationship issues are so deeply internalized that she takes them out on everyone else,

-- A bright college student who is trying to master robotics so she can make an exoskeleton that will allow her homebound brother to leave home for the first time.

-- A soccer player who has been raised all her life to live up to the standards of her father, who played professionally. She'd rather be a doctor, but she's not sure she can afford med school.

And many more.

If they stopped allowing custom content, maybe then I'd quit playing The Sims. I may have an addiction.

My favorite part about The Sims 4 is hands down all the Simmers I’ve met along the way. I just recently started joining Sims Twitter and Discord, and even though it’s just been a few short months, I’ve found a tremendous friend circle full of people who I adore. There are so many amazing custom content makers who allow me to make my game look exactly like I want, which is really amazing.

What I don't like about about The Sims 4 is packs just seem incomplete. They come from an inspired place and have a lot of potential, but they seem like they just always are lacking that one crucial element to turn them from good into amazing.

I think transparency would help improve The Sims 4 for the better. Right now there is a lot of anger in the community, and I think the Sim Gurus need to be open about a lot of things. For example, I think we need a set parameter of what defines an expansion pack vs game pack vs stuff pack. It often feels like the packs are inspired by good things, but fall short because they didn’t have great traits or aspirations.

I just recently joined the community and 99% of my interactions with other Simmers have been positive. I think tensions are high right now because there are a lot of things that people don’t understand, which goes back to transparency. My one piece of advice to everyone is that - in general - most people have good intentions. If the devs aren’t giving us something we request a lot, it may be something they’ve been working on in the background for a while but haven’t been able to deliver.

I started out just on YouTube and Twitter, but now I'm engaging with other Simmers on Instagram and Tumblr and it's so exciting to me.

YouTube: ErinMoriartyYT
Instagram: Moriarty_Sims
Twitter: Moriarty_Sims
Tumblr: erinmoriarty-yt