Motherlode Man February Feature

Hi! My name is Conner, and I am 17 -soon to be 18, and I am a high school student! I also make YouTube videos that are really bad where I talk about The Sims, and occasionally Andi Mack and Kidz Bop now I guess? It's a long story. And I also make bad social media content.

I have played The Sims since The Sims 3, technically. I played SimCity for the SNES on my Windows XP on an emulator. The Sims 3 was my mom's copy, but my first Sims game that was my own was MySims Kingdom for Wii. I still play The Sims due to its breakthroughs in the video game industry, yes I'm talking about The Sims 4 right now, and it's creative endless possibilities.

My favorite has to be The Sims 4, just because we don't know what the final game will look like. It is continually growing, and we already know what most other released Sims games look like  (TSM & TSFP withstanding) and it's exciting waiting to see where it will go!

I prefer a realistic gameplay, but if I'm in the mood for vampires or aliens, I'll play with them. I don't use mods or custom content, as I haven't seen anything that can improve my game over paying for a new pack, although I have made some custom content but I lost it so that's bad, although one shirt I still have in my Google drive, but that's it.

I would only quit The Sims if they stopped making it, shut down the entire game so we can't play it, took down all pirated copies, sued anyone passing them around, took down every game, and bought all pre-owned copies and burned them in a ditch in the Nevada Desert.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the wide varieties of play styles it balances, while still pleasing everyone. Let's look at Discover University, for example. It has great CAS and Build/Buy, it brought back university, has Servos for Supernatural, new skills, careers, and kids can use the soccer ball! It holds a variety of players.

I'm what I refer to as a CAS-hole, and the whole game has been focused on builders. For the betterment of The sims 4, I would love salons, rollercoaster building, preteens, more vacation spots, house design interactive career, sexuality slider - it's a spectrum kids! - more hair colors, more relations types, resorts, and more stuff packs to be honest. CAW would also be cool.

I dislike the toxic community, complaining about everything to be honest. The developers work hard, and while it's fine to provide constructive criticism and feedback, most just bash the game. Personally I'm not offended by the lack of freed babies, farms, or cars, and while people are allowed to want things, they complain so viciously.

I've said this already but I feel the community can be toxic occasionally, like when console was revealed for gallery, and everyone complained. I have been in the community for a while, started on the forums, and my personal experience has been great!

I am bisexual, and single. Hit me up - just kidding! I do not have a job, but I am a licensed driver, but not a good speller. And I live in Massachusetts! You can find me on Twitter as @Motherlodeman, YouTube as AMT, Tumblr as Motherlode Man