Plum Peach Sims February Feature

My name is Theresa. I am 20 years old and I am a regular young adult. I liked video games ever since I was about 5 years old and have been playing them since. I got into Sims when I was about 7 years old and fell in love! My first Sims game was Sims 2 on the GameCube and was hooked. I got more into the PC version when I started watching YouTube videos and learned that you can download custom content and mods and was like “I need a computer now!”.

I've been a Simmer for over 10+ years as said before. What keeps me playing is the amount of creativity you can put into the game. You can create many things and come up with so many ideas; can tell stories, make movies, and etc. I love creating Sims and giving them a story. I also like interior designing and have been thinking about getting into that in real life.

My favorite Sims game is either Sims 2 on GameCube, The Urbz Sims in the City and / or Sims: Bustin Out. Sims 2 because that's where it started for me, and it was 2 player! It had so much jokes and it was so comedic that you can’t not love it! The Urbz because it was very urban and the different styles, and worlds that was in the game and it was also kind of a story mode so that was very fun and also 2 player! Sims: Bustin Out because of the wonderful Story Mode and was just a game you get on every now and then, this game was 2 player as well. But I guess Sims 4 has better graphics and you are able to create more of a story and come up with ideas. 

The game play is kind of having a story with love, drama, jokes, and weird unreal things happen. I like having a not normal game play, at least in my YouTube series. Having many different Sims and different weird things happening. I like to try to have fun in my games.

I feel like I will quit Sims if I just leave the house more. Sims has pretty much been with me my whole life and I don’t think I see myself not playing it ever.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the graphics and how they are trying to give the Sims more emotions, more life. I prefer to have my Sims live their own life and not control it as much, and I think EA did pretty well doing that so far.

I kind of miss Story Mode. I think it’ll be nice to at least have an option between living life and actually having to do something, I guess tutorial and challenges hold it over. But I don’t really “hate” anything about Sims 4. I pretty much learn to appreciate what they have done for us so far, and even if they “mess up” somehow, they are still going to end up getting my money. They are already trying to improve. I don’t know much about game developing but in my opinion maybe bring stuff in past games back? Like little details that was in past games like an item or an interaction. Small details I genuinely did enjoy.

When I started getting a bit deeper into The Sims 4 online community, I realized how toxic it can be.  I don’t necessarily think I am apart of it yet, but every single community has that sadly and I try my best not to sink into the negativity. I participate by continuing to support others and give them the positivity they need and give them the confidence to keep going and support their decisions.

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