RedHeadedMayhem February Feauture

My name is Anna "RedHeadedMayhem" McCann, I am a Canadian Simmer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am 25 years old with a love for gaming, music, animals and naps. I have an unhealthy obsession of cats and the colour green.

I have been a Simmer for 14 years. Additional content being developed consistently to the game keeps me enjoying The Sims. New ways to design, and develop Sims as well as the world itself holds my interest and keeps me wanting to explore new ways to create a world custom to my liking. Of course different building types and techniques always continues to hold my attention and enjoyment to the franchise, the many possibilities revolving around a feature in a game is nothing short of spectacular.

The Sims 4 is my favourite game of The Sims franchise. Seeing the most updated version of the iconic simulation game when it comes to features, graphics as well as lore and Easter eggs that followers of the franchise appreciate. Also with every piece of downloadable content whether it be expansion packs or game packs, they each imprint the development of the franchise in one way or another. I also find that The Sims 4 holds a lot more immersion over prior games to the franchise, the immersive value of the first person camera patch has also been an interesting addition that I take full advantage of.

I personally enjoy the storylines I am able to develop through the game. Creating a character arc through the various different mechanics of the game as well as the customizability of the traits and aspirations, allows me to mold the story my own unique way. I also enjoy different challenges, the many ways the game can push you towards an impossible playthrough or a different take on a regular one can create fun and creative ways to overcome obstacles and frame a new type of thinking.

Honestly, I personally did not enjoy the way they took a step back in creating the next addition to the franchise in order to replay old ideas. The gap between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4 saw the exclusion of toddlers, pools etc. If they were to take the same approach in the next game, I would lose interest in The Sims.

My favourite expansion towards the base game would have to be close between "Get to Work" and "City Living".  With "Get to Work" it was the introduction of going to the career of your Sim. Instead of me feeling like a dog stuck at home waiting for their owner, being able to travel and directly influence the development of your Sim in that career was a refreshing addition. I also loved the ability to create your own store so that I didn't have to just pick a career but truly live as an entrepreneur and create one. With "City Living" I loved how they introduced apartment's and the different little things added to the new world space. New foods and reaction to the foods as well as a new dynamic involved your neighbours created a different style to any playthrough.

I do not enjoy the confinement of the world itself. In order to travel to your neighbors, the obstruction of a loading screen can ruin the tempo of a game. The lack of vehicles in the game is also another thing I do not enjoy. It not only is a missed feature from a past game but also breaks immersion.

I think that more content geared towards growing between the toddler and child ages would be a very well received addition to the game. The lack of content for these age groups makes the growth of these Sims bland and repetitive.

I love the warmth the community provides. I only just began my YouTube channel in the past year and the support that other Simmers have shown me has taught me what it is like to be involved. I love sharing other Simmers creations and builds and expanding their reach from one channel and social media platform to different avenues so that others can see something fresh and exciting.

If Simmers are interested in the type of content I provide they can find me on YouTube, where I am about to start providing more Sims 4 content. If they are interested in me as a person or just want to stay up to date, they can find me on Twitter and Instagram too!

YouTube: RedHeadedMayhem
Twitter: RedHeadedMayh3m
Instagram: RedHeadedMayhemYT