Silly Simmuz February Feature

Hi! My name's Simone, but you can call me Simon. I'm Italian and I live in Italy, so I always have an excuse when I make mistakes in English on the internet. I'm 22 years old and I'm "in-between" universities. Right now I'm working in an office to fill the time. I graduated in September of 2019, and got my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Now, my plans for the future is to continue studying starting in September 2020, in order to get my Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology.

I've been a Simmer for a very long time, I'd say close-ish to 15 years. The first game I played was The Sims 2. My family bought it as a birthday present for my cousin, since she really wanted it after seeing a friend of hers playing with it. I remember we started playing it together all the time at my grandmother's house and we would have a blast. After a while I convinced my parents to buy a copy for me so that I could play at home too.

I guess what makes me still play with The Sims franchise is the ability to play the game many  different ways, to create your own storylines and events, and the incredible customization that is in the games. Not only that, but the amazing community of Simmers and the support I get on my channel are also part of the reason I still play. And also, it's just such a fun game, I love every aspect of it.

I played almost every game from The Sims franchise, except for the OG The Sims, I missed that one, and each game has its own reasons to be played. I guess I still have a soft spot for The Sims 2, since it is the first game I've ever played in the franchise. Right now I mostly play with The Sims 4, and I love it a lot, but the feels I get when I play The Sims 2 are unbeatable. I also really enjoyed The Sims 3, but I found it more annoying to play with than 2 or 4, because it took so long

to boot up. Other honorable mentions: The Sims 2 for the Nintendo DS: that storyline is crazy, and My Sims Agents for the Wii: I still boot it up sometimes.

I have many ways I like to play The Sims. Playing a lot of The Sims 4, especially with my YouTube channel’s let’s plays to record, I find myself playing realistic storylines and trying to make sensible decisions for my Sims. But I love making weird, stupid, and crazy events happen too; I love all the magic stuff, the occults and everything weird that is in the game. In my spare time I also love making  dramatic households filled with awful Sims that cheat, murder and much more, but that has not yet been shown on my channel. Obviously I also really like just building homes and venues just for the sake of building, and I definitely enjoy creating Sims in CAS too. I think I just really like the ability we have, as players, to play the game in so many different ways. That’s what makes the game fun.

Let’s make it clear, I don’t really see myself completely abandoning the franchise anytime soon. I just really freaking love these games. The only thing that prevents me from playing more is time; with work now, and soon with exams and studying, I don’t have all the time that I would like to have to play. So, I’d say that if I ever find a job that requires most of my time, it could make me stop playing. Maybe. Hard maybe… I’d still play instead of sleeping at night, that’s my plan for now.

I really like The Sims 4. For much fair criticism that the game gets online, I still personally really enjoy many aspects of it. First things first, I adore the building tools. They are smooth, easy to use, make you do many different things 

and allow you to create both realistic structures and crazy houses. I just really enjoy building in the game, I find it relaxing but also I love challenging myself to see what I can come up with. I love other things about the game other than building, like the CAS is incredible and I love the stylistic choices, even if not everyone is fan of the cartoonish look. Also, playing on the PC, I really like how easy it is to mod the game, create your own stuff and all the modding community is incredible.

Even if I love the game, I understand that it’s far from perfect. I always see lots of people with very fair criticism asking mainly why there are some features missing in The Sims 4 that were prominent in previous games. Still, I don’t think the game would benefit from the addition of Open World, that would also be impossible at this stage of the game in my opinion, or from the introduction of Create A Style, that was a lot to handle for computers running The Sims 3. The critics I find myself agreeing with are those criticizing the lack of “hard” gameplay and how easy it is to make your Sims happy. I think the team working on
the game has definitely picked up on these things and it really shows in the Discover University Expansion Pack. The gameplay is harder than in other packs and the Sims became harder to manage and keep happy. That is partly why I really enjoyed this last expansion pack, the addition of a challenge really spruced up the game. Also, add cars, Gurus! Everybody wants them!

I think that The Sims team is really starting to improve on some issues we all had with the game, such as the lack of difficult gameplay and the easily manageable Sims. There’s more that I hope will come soon to the game that could really change the playability of it. For example; improved babies, cars, ladders and spiral stairs, and even a color wheel for hair color. These would all be amazing additions to the game, that could improve it a lot for me. I really love the effort the team is putting into being more interactive with the online community, and I think that a phone app to keep up with The Sims 4 Gallery could be awesome too. All of these things are I guess pretty minor details, but it really could make the game even more fun than it is. I also love how the developers are trying to listen more and more to the community, adding things that we like and want and through the community voted stuff packs, so they should definitely do more of that. 

I absolutely love the Simmer online community. There are so many talented and amazing creators, and players, all over the internet and I always find more and more people making amazing stuff everyday! Not only that, but the online community has always been supportive and overall very nice. Lately, unfortunately, I see more people being negative or feeding into the online-drama-culture that developed online in these last years, but the amount of incredible people I met online thanks to The Sims, completely obscures the few bad ones. I’ve been part of the online community of The Sims since I joined Twitter and found the first Simmer YouTubers I subscribed too, Deligracy and James Turner, so it has been since around 2013, six years ago!. My participation in the community has developed through almost all my social medias, since I now follow so many 

Simmers on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, all platforms where I love to interact with other creators like me. I just really love discovering new people to follow and watch what they create. 

If you want to follow me, I suggest you subscribe to my YouTube Channel: which is my main platform where I show off my content. If you want to keep up with me on a daily basis, you should follow me on Instagram @sillysimmuz, or on Twitter @sillysimmuz, which are the social media platforms I use the most. Other social medias I have but I use less are; Tumblr, TikTok, Facebook and Snapchat, and you can always find me searching for @sillysimmuz or Silly Simmuz. I really hope you will give me a shot and check out my stuff. I’m very proud of everything I make and I hope people can enjoy what I post just as much as I enjoy making it.