Simmer Rui February Feature

My name is Simmer Rui or you can call me Rui. I am 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. Creating Sims is my expertise and I mostly use alpha custom content. The houses that I build are not quite good however.

I have been a Simmer for about four years now. The reason that keeps me playing The Sims is the concept that you can do a variety of things in the game. You can create Sims that you want, you can build infrastructures that you’ve been dreaming of, and have control over the story in your gameplay. Sometimes some things might indeed get repetitive, but I never get sick of it as there are still ways that could make it exciting.

Out of all The Sims games I’ve played, Sims 4 is my total favorite. As I am a big fan of custom content, especially for Create-a-Sim, Sims 4 gave me more power in creating Sims. In the older Sims games, sliders are used to modify certain parts, but in The Sims 4, you can click on the body part that you want to edit, and you can change it directly by just dragging it. Another thing that I like about The Sims 4 is the build mode. I might suck at building houses, but I still enjoy doing it, mainly at interior design. 

I don’t usually do a lot of gameplay as I mostly dwell in Create-a-Sim, but I like creating a family tree. I start with a character then, I will continue playing them until they die, and I switch on playing as their children, and I repeat this process over and over again.

Quitting to play The Sims is quite unimaginable for me. Probably the only reason that I won’t play Sims anymore if I get swamped with work in the future that I don’t have time to play The Sims.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the Create-a-Sim because it gives me a lot of freedom in creating my Sims. The thing that I hate about The Sims 4 is the very expensive DLC. As a student, obtaining specific packs is hard, so I have to wait until it goes on sale. Furthermore, some packs are disappointing.

The thing that could help The Sims 4 to improve is when The Sims Team gets more feedback from Simmers. They should also ask our input on creating expansion and game packs and not only in stuff packs.

I haven’t a part of the online community for a long time but I think The Sims 4 online community is actually good as there isn’t a lot of toxicity around. I see a lot of Simmers supporting other Simmers, which I found very refreshing. I participate in the community by giving my constructive criticism on packs that comes out and I participate on polls and surveys that The Sims Team sets up.

I have a website where you can see and download the Sims that I create at You can also find me on Twitter @RuiSimmer, and on Instagram @simmerrui.