Simmingbird February Feature

Hi, my name is Berthe – also known as Simmingbird- and I am a 24 year old from The Netherlands. Besides studying child and adolescent psychology, I make Sims videos on YouTube. Once a week, I go to my modern dance class and if I have some time left, I like to read fantasy books. My favourite musicians are Laura Pausini and Demi Lovato, and I am a nature and animal lover.

I can’t recall a time without The Sims. I started playing The Sims 2 with my childhood best friend when it came out. I remember spending days behind the computer creating Sims, building, and playing, coming up with the craziest stories. I could get completely lost in this game, which is also why I am still playing The Sims to this day. The Sims lets me escape the real world and forget about my problems for a while. You can be whoever you want to be and are free to do whatever you want to do.

At the moment my favourite Sims game is The Sims 4. I am a sucker for good graphics and The Sims 4 is just gorgeous. I love spending time in Create A Sim to make stunning sims and have them explore the beautiful worlds. But even though The Sims 4 is my favourite at the moment, The Sims 2 & 3 both hold a place in my heart.

I tend to play with families a lot and have them live wholesome lives. I do like to experiment with a lot of different personalities within my game and each of my Sims like different things and follow their own unique path in life. I also always end up adopting pets, even if that was not my intention for the storyline!

I can’t imagine quitting The Sims. The only reasons I can think of are financial reasons or if I would lose my ability to physically play the game. This game has been with me throughout my life and I sincerely hope it will continue being a part of it.

Create a Sim is definitely one of the best aspects of the game in my opinion. It gives you so much freedom and allows you to make so many different looking sims. That –in combination with custom content- results in me spending hours in CAS without getting bored.

I wish there was more gameplay, especially for children, teens and elders. I also wish there were more traits, trait slots, and aspirations, like in The Sims 3. These things are definitely lacking in my opinion.

The emotion system would need to get an overhaul and the way Sims interact could be improved, you know, so your Sims will not act like nothing happened after a big fight. Also, more gameplay for other generations than adults would add way more depth and more traits etc. would really help in making unique personalities for your Sims. I think that these things would make the game more immersive and hence, more enjoyable.

I have not been part of the online Sims community –mostly YouTube and Twitter- for a long time, maybe six months or so. However, I have already learned two things. 1. People are generally very friendly and welcoming. 2. The community loves drama! I think there is a lot that the people in this community can learn from each other, but that’s why online communities are great. They allow us to meet different people and grow as a person.

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