Sims Fab World February Feature


Hello, my name is Demetria Griffin but some people might know me as SimsFabWorld. I’m 32 years old with two beautiful daughters by the name of Ni’ Yah and Joselle. My occupation is working in Freight at Home Depot and I have been working there 3 years. My hobbies include being a great mother, cooking, and gaming (especially the Sims).  My biggest goal is to become an EA Game Changer.

I've been a Simmer since the 2000's when it first debuted. So I've been playing for a very long time and the reason why I keep playing the Sims because of the graphics, content, for imagination, and to be able to create any type of family.

My favorite Sims game would be The Sims 4: Get Together. The reason why I chose this one in particular because you can join your Sim at his/her job. This was one thing that stuck out from all the rest of the Sims game because we couldn’t do this before in any of the Sims. I love the way you can be able to help them get promoted faster. Oh! By the way you can even build your own retail business which is my favorite thing to do.

When it comes to gameplay, I’m currently playing a generations type. Where the family start of with two people and grow. The family that I’m currently playing with is the Haney family. This type of family have their own businesses so it’s challenging but fun at the same time.

The only reason why I would probably quit playing the Sims “if” that ever happens, would be the continuously lack of content. The reason I said this because some of the stuff packs can be put with game packs and some game packs can be added to expansion packs. It’s like something they forgot to add in some packs so EA will come out with something new but it really don’t be anything that’s different or make the gameplay different.

My favorite thing I like about the Sims 4 would be the Create - A - Sim. The reason why because I love how you can change almost every part of the Sims to make them unique in a different way. I mostly spend most of my time doing this because I love so my sims to be beautiful.

The only thing that I hate about the The Sims 4 is some of the gameplay and content. It really hasn’t touched the surface of the Sims 3 expansion. I have to look forward to content creators such as Ebonix, WickkedPixxel, and the lovely KawaiiStacie. If it wasn’t for them and some more great content creators I do not know where I would be lol.

I think if EA would take their time and see what pack is lacking before bringing it out and they should start letting some the the content creators be featured in some of the future packs, it would help improve The Sims 4 for the better. I think that would be a great idea.

The Sims community is great on Twitter and Instagram.I ABSOLUTELY LOVVEEEEE IT!!!  I've been with the online community for a year now but on and off  I will be putting forth more effort to be active more than I have in the last past year. I have participated by doing a collaboration with some Simmers doing a Disney theme and I did  Pocahontas. I’ve also did my first giveaway last year and will be doing more when I reach my goals.

Other simmers can find me on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook under the name of SimsFabWorld. I’m grateful to have the followers and the little be supporters that I have in the Sims community and hopefully I would grow even more.