The Pimlico Challenge

  by LizzieLillyy

What’s the challenge?

The Pimlico Challenge is a Sims 4 Legacy Challenge which bears some semblance to the Renovacy created by SamelaRita on the Sims forums. The aim is to rebuild a rundown mansion from the inside out while creating a ten generation legacy. Each generation has the ultimate goal of completing a room in the house, and to get there the heir must complete an aspiration, a career, and some skills along the way. While finding a partner and having a child of course!

How to set your game up:

Prior to creating a founder, go to Manage Worlds and locate the legacy lot you wish to use (50x50or 64×64). Either place my shell from the Gallery – the Pimlico (64×64) – or enter build mode to create your own. If you are using your own DIY shell, it must look like a completed but run down legacy mansion/home from the outside and will need 10 large rooms plus bedrooms and bathrooms. You do not need to add internal walls right now but be aware that this is the only time it won’t cost you. There is no spending limit but you cannot furnish the house at all and you can’t landscape. You may use terrain tools and any fences or plants that make the lot look barren. Place the cheapest windows and doors unless there are specific ones that create the desired aesthetic. CC is welcome! Once it’s all set up, use ‘freerealestate on’ to ensure your founder can move in. Go to CAS and make a single Sim of childbearing age. They must have the Master Chef aspiration.

Rules and Generations

See Pinstar’s legacy challenge rules for the general rules of the game. Obviously ignore the rule about starting on an empty lot and you can opt not to randomise traits and lifetime wishes to make this particular challenge more accessible. You must start with $1800 or none at all if you want the extra challenge.

Spouses may only contribute to the goal of each generation financially, they cannot achieve any of the goals in lieu of the founder/heir. Bedrooms and bathrooms are not part of this challenge, they can be built and equipped whenever the need or money arises. Sims can be immortalised in paintings or photographs (GTW) as you see fit.

Generation One – There’s No Place Like The Kitchen

  • Achieve the Master Chef aspiration
  • Master the homestyle and Gourmet Cooking Skills
  • Reach level ten of the Culinary – Chef career
  • Using career rewards, build a fully equipped kitchen (or install the level 10 chef styled room)

Optional extras: 

  • Own and run a Dine Out restaurant
  • Have Foodie and/or Glutton traits
  • Become leader of Upper Crusts club (requires Get Together)

I came up with this idea when I was playing a legacy for probably the 50th time in The Sims 3 and I was struggling to keep myself interested. I had never completed a ten generation legacy before either because the game broke or I got bored. Feeling unable to build a decent home was a big hurdle for me. So I decided to make a challenge that would let me play with lots of different aspects of the game and I wouldn’t have to build a legacy home from scratch. I completed this challenge for Sims 3 last year and was over the moon! That’s when I decided to make the transition over to Sims 4 after years of avoiding it, and brought the challenge with me.

If you want to check out the rest of the generations and their rules, they are on my blog and you can watch me doing it step by step on my channel Lizzielilyy.