Adele Laura March Feature

My name is Adele Laura, I am 26 years old and I am a YouTuber. I live in the UK and I also have a little boy who is 3 years old called Riley!! He is my world. I have been a Simmer for over 16 years, I started playing at 10 years old. I love playing as I really enjoy creating new Sims and playing with different families. I have just got into building lately and I am having lots of fun learning how to build and building all different types of homes!

My favourite Sims game of all time was Sims 2 as I used to play with my best friend and we would do all nighters on the multiplayer mode! I have a lot of great memories playing it and would spend hourstrying to complete it!

I tend to make families off camera and love playing with all different ages! I especially love playing with teenagers as it brings me back to when I was that age and you can have a lot of fun with them like breaking the rules or being a super good teen!! I also enjoy making celebrities in the Sims and I recently made Selena Gomez.

There wouldn't be a reason I would stop playing unless my computer broke or the Sims got rid of it. I would say probably more traits for the Sims and asking us Simmers what we would like in the game, maybe a color wheel too so we can edit our clothes, would help improve The Sims 4. I love the game so much! I love how they have added loads of new packs lately to the game and are asking us Simmers to get involved with choosing some items and clothings. It definitely gets me more excited for when that pack eventually comes out. I love living in all the different worlds and making my stories come to life. I actually don't hate anything about it so far, I would love more traits but I haven't got all the packs yet so I am still loving all the new game play that adds to my game. So it's still kind of new and exciting for me.

I would love it if The Sims 5 came out in the future. It would be brilliant to get new Sims and new graphics ect, but I am in no rush for it though as I am still purchasing all the packs and still loving The Sims 4.

I have only been part of the Sims community for a month and I'm absolutely loving it!!! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and it was the best thing I ever did making my Twitter and YouTube channel. I've made so many friends already and I love talking to everyone every single day.

Twitter: AdeleLauraG
Instagram: AdeleLauraG