Aerabee March Feature

Hi there, I’m Aera! I’m 24 years old, and I’m currently living in Florida! I’ve been playing The Sims since I was very young, and so much of who I am comes from The Sims. I’m currently disabled but I’m hoping to further my education in Graphic/Interior Design. I live with my partner, our three cats, and our two leopard geckos in a small apartment, enjoying our cozy lives together. My passions are The Sims, Pusheen, and everything cute! While I’ve been a Simmer for much of my life, it was very much a solo aspect of my life. It wasn’t until recently I really branched out into the Sims’ community and have decided to start sharing my creations with everyone.

I’ve been a Simmer ever since I was very little, starting with The Sims 1. I remember sitting in the kitchen at 6 years old at the family computer, surrounded by my older sisters as I cried, and they laughed because I had lost yet another family to a fire. There were a few years where I didn’t play The Sims, mainly around my preteen years, due to not having access to the games. For this, I’ve skipped completely over The Sims 2. Then suddenly, I was reintroduced through The Sims 3, and I fell in love all over again. I obsessively collected every single pack and played more hours than I care to admit. The Sims has always been an escape for me. It was a place where I felt I had some control over life and had the ability to tell stories and express myself creatively. Now, it’s a sort of therapy where I’m able to build and create and feel at ease away from the stresses of the real world.

It’s very difficult to choose which Sims game is my favorite. When it really comes down to it, I think I would have to say The Sims 4. The Sims 3 will always hold a very special place in my heart and for a lot of reasons is why I still play The Sims at all. The open world, the color wheel, being able to change textures and swatches of items. It really opened the door for me into the world of interior design. However, for all that it had, there was a lot that it was lacking. In The Sims 4, I feel there is a new depth to gameplay that was just scratched in The Sims 3. The art style, and the style of many of the build and buy objects relates to my personal style. I love that The Sims has grown with me over the years, and I feel The Sims 4 fits where I currently am in life.

In terms of live mode gameplay, I would say I’m a bit neurotic. I know that such a huge part of Sims is the AI and the personalities that the Sims have on their own. However, I feel the need to meticulously manage every aspect of my Sims’ lives. I have autonomy turned off, and often don’t allow my sims to age up until I am completely emotionally ready for it either. It always makes me too sad to say goodbye to my sims, therefore challenges such as the Legacy Challenge have always been a complete failure for me. I tend to start with a single sim, have a family, slowly age up the children, and then start a brand-new game when I’ve reached a point where it’s become boring. For this reason, I tend to spend most of my time in build mode, making plenty of houses and lots. I mostly build family homes, and just recently I’ve become very obsessed with Tiny homes. I love adding personality and clutter to my builds, creating little stories of who lives there and what their lives are like. It’s the building aspect of the Sims that has led me into wanting to be an interior designer.

I think there are only a few things that would make it so I wouldn’t play anymore. One being is if they ever decided to add micro-transactions or raise the price of the game. We already pay so much for the base game and all the subsequent packs, the idea of starting to charge even more or adding price tags to things we’ve previously enjoyed for free would probably lead me to boycotting future games. Also, I know that the Sims draws attention to those in every walk of life, and I would hate to see people unable to enjoy the game due to the price. However, I don’t think I could ever quit playing the games we already have. Another reason that would make me quit would be if they backtracked on their inclusion policy. I still feel there is a long way to go still, as we’ve yet to see disabilities and things such as full-body freckles or stretch marks other than in mods. Each step forward sets a precedent, and we cannot go backwards.

I think my favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the steps towards inclusion that we see. Adding more body options such as the gender editor, more cultures, and more types of gameplay. These things can sometimes be viewed as “risky” for companies, but it makes me so happy to see that we’re not restricted. We’re able to be proud of ourselves and represented in the sims’ world. There’s still a long way to go, but every step is a huge step, and I couldn’t be prouder of our community for their acceptance, love, and support.

I do feel that we seem to be getting slowly less and less in each pack. I do understand that there are cost and resource restraints on their end, and that that is often reflected in the pricing and substance in our packs. I just can’t help but hope this won’t be the trend forever, and that the Simmers don’t have to sacrifice due to this. Also, babies are still just objects and it makes me very, very sad.

I feel that if we continue down the path of inclusion, support one another, and focus on the sense of community, The Sims 4 will improve on its own. Make sure to always voice our opinions, give honest feedback and constructive criticism, and come from a place of understanding. Though, I do feel a “Generations” pack would greatly flesh out the gameplay, considering most of our gameplay is aimed towards young adults and adults. “Improved Babies” is number one on my list!

I feel the timeline fits for starting to hear about The Sims 5. We’ve received our major packs, and while I still feel there is a lot missing, it would make sense if they’re starting production. The concept of multiplayer is interesting. I don’t know if I personally would play it much outside my friends, but I feel if executed well, it could be good.

Having the option to disable without losing any features I feel is the most important thing. Simmers are very divided on the multiplayer issue, and I feel that the only way to make everyone happy is to allow for players to choose their level of involvement in multiplayer modes. Personally, I feel The Sims 4 has many glaring discrepancies that should be addressed before moving on to the next installment.

I feel the online community overall is amazingly supportive and kind. While there are always those who can make it difficult, the overwhelming majority of the community is incredible and inspiring. I’m extremely new to the community, having only been a part of it for a few months. I share all my builds on my social media, and I’m working towards adding more Speed Builds to my YouTube. I took some time off for health reasons, and I’m so excited to get back into making videos. My favorite part of the community is seeing everyone’s creations and seeing everyone support each other!

I’m just about everywhere online! You can find my builds at my Gallery ID AeraBee! I’m most often on Twitter @aera_bee where I interact socially and post news about my builds and videos. I’m also on Instagram @aerabee where I post a bunch of screenshots of my builds! I have my YouTube channel @AeraBee where I’m starting to post speed builds! You’re likely to find me lurking on Twitch and Discord under @AeraBee as well.