Cubizim March Feature

Hey guys! My name is Devin Kelly. I’m 25, from Tampa Florida. I’m a manager at a large financial company down here. It’s the least creative job possible which is why the Sims is my escape and my creative outlet.

I’ve been playing since I was 6 years old, starting with the original Sims. When me and my brother got it as a gift, we spent the whole day remaking our family and our home and I was hooked immediately. I have always had a knack for architecture. As a child I would draw blueprints and floor plans, I would even lose points on tests and homework for doodling houses on them. Because I work so much nowadays, the Sims is the only thing that can satisfy my urge to create and I play it every single day. When I was younger it was sometimes all I had to take me away for a little when life was getting to be too much and I’ll always be thankful to have that. 

I think Sims 3 would have to be my favorite out of the whole franchise, simply because the freedom you had with building was awesome, even though it could be kinda tricky.

When I do play I almost always am working on a build, but I do actually play the game too. I usually create sims based on people I know or myself and put them into scenarios and lives that are opposite the actual life we live.

I don’t use any mods right now, but I do have a pretty thick CC folder. I love using custom content. It’s an addiction and I shop for it online more than I shop for real things. I steer towards a more realistic feel to my game, at least as close as I can get, I just enjoy it more than a super animated look. So I use a lot of alpha but also some MM.

When I start a build, I almost always have no idea what I’m doing or what it’s gonna look like but I think that’s part of the fun of seeing where you start and where it ends up. This one ended up as my favorite so far just because of how much it changed since I started it. It took me a few days, probably like 2 hours or so a day because of my day job.

My favorite part of this lot is the views for sure and the driveway. I think it is pretty neat with its circular shape which adds some character.

I’m really happy I found this community, I didn't think it was so big and there were more people who had passion for this game. It’s awesome! I just started communicating and sharing my creations a few weeks ago on Twitter and with my little videos on YouTube. We are definitely part of the friendliest group of gamers. Everyone I meet and talk to are super nice and supportive of each other and I think that’s why this community is one of the strongest, even though it may not be the biggest.

You can chat and share your creations with me on Twitter: @cubizim and check out some of my build tours on Youtube. My channel is called Cubism Builds. I’m working on doing some speed builds and other types of videos soon. Thank you, and I’m so happy to be a part of this community. Happy Simming guys!