Janelle Simmer March Feature

I am Janelle. I am 23 years old and from New Zealand. I am a Human Resource Coordinator and in my spare time I play Sims and Overwatch, or dream about what pet I should get next - hopefully a bird. Most of the time I’m either planning my Sims builds or planning my YouTube videos!

I’ve been a Simmer since 2002, when my mum brought my sister and I, The Sims 1. But I haven't become obsessed since I got The Sims 3. I used to sit all day and play Sims 3 and build and record videos - I never posted anything. When I joined the Sims community online last November that’s when Sims became super enjoyable as now I have friends all over the world and can make videos!

Sims 3 will always have a special place in my heart - but Sims 4 Pets are so cute and the graphics and detail is so good. My favourite expansions are definitely animal related content!

I’m a builder. I love building and making families and Sims for my builds. I rarely actually play the game. I'm too busy wanting to build different things. And what I like the most about The Sims 4 is the building features are so much better than Sims 3, although I hate how there are no bunk beds or spiral staircases or ladders in Sims 4. I want basic things that will help evolve my builds. And it also definitely needs more traits and colour swatches. And it seems The Sims 5 is going to be online, so we can play with others. I hope they bring in a colour wheel!!

I’ve been actively a part of the Sims community online since November 2019 before then I was just lurking and not talking. But then I joined as I wanted to find friends who enjoyed Sims as much as me and talk about the Sims. I’m mainly on Twitter and YouTube and Twitch, but I dabble in Simstagram and a lil bit of Facebook! But Twitter is where the action is.

You can find me on;

The Sims Gallery: JanelleSimmer
YouTube: JanelleSimmer
Twitch: JanelleSimmer
Instagram: janellesimmer_
Twitter: janelleoooooo
Personal Instagram:
janelleooo - if you want to see my face