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My name is Sophie. I am 23 years old. I work as a Junior Web Developer for a British holiday company.

I have been an on and off Simmer for about 20 years, since it came out, even though I was very young and my mum was a bit concerned about the "woohooing", I still got to play it alongside my older brother. I did mention I was on and off as I stopped playing awhile around The Sims 3 period and didn't start playing again until around last year. I feel like I'm still playing it more for the community that is involved in it rather than the actual game. There is a lot missing in the Sims 4 and I do feel I can get bored quite quickly with the gameplay more so than the CAS and building, but I do like seeing other people's creations and I very much enjoy watching YouTubers like lilsimsie, Deligracy and James Turner to name a few, they're the main reason I got back into the Sims franchise again.

It’s a toss up between the Sims 2 and the Sims 4 being my favourite Sims game. I played a lot more of the Sims 2 when I was younger and it used to take over my life, if I wasn't at school, I was playing the Sims 2. I do like the Sims 4 as it's newer and has a more modern look and feel to it, in my opinion, of course, so it is hard to choose between them two. I did enjoy the Sims 3, but wasn't fond of the art style and I was very young when the Sims 1 came out, so don't fully remember it now.

I usually just play with one Sim and start from there and essentially play out a legacy challenge without all the rules, I guess. I do enjoy creating Sims and building as well, but usually get frustrated with it as I am nowhere near as good at it as other people. I avoid building the most because I worry if I even try, it will just look bad. I have tried getting into it more lately though.

My favorite thing about the Sims 4 so far is in short, the CC/mod creators. Not officially a part of the game, but I feel like using custom content and mods makes playing the game so much easier and realistic, thanks to the talented people who make this stuff. I've also recently started using CC build mode items and I don't think I'll ever be able to go back.

Honestly, what I hate about the Sims 4 is when they release CAS jeans or bottoms for females and they're always extremely low-waist! They've seemed to click onto that a bit more now, so at least they're listening somewhere. I also don't like how quickly the actual game play can become boring. Once I've created my family and built their house, I can only play their actual lives for about an hour. I feel like there needs to be more hobbies and activities for Sims to do outside their jobs.

I feel like they need to work on the moods and trait system a lot more as it seemed to fall quite flat when the base game was released. If they had more diverse traits that actually affected things like their moods and how they interact with people and how well they can build relationships based on this, it could be a lot more interesting/realistic game play. I also feel like we need more aspirations, as there aren't that many as it is and they only ever seem to release one per pack now -if that.

I'm very excited about The Sims 5! I'm always looking forward to new sims content, even if sometimes we are left disappointed with it. There's a lot of potential to make The Sims 5 better than its predecessors whilst still keeping that element of The Sims we all know and love.

I only started being involved in The Sims 4 community around a year ago when I started watching Sim YouTubers. I used to be kind of involved in The Sims 2 community back when they had that Sims 2 website where people could share stories, CC etc. I can't remember it's actual name now. I feel like some of the community can be quite toxic at times when things don't go their way. I remember recently when Happy Haunts didn't win the community stuff pack vote and there was just so much hate! Luckily, I only really see the nice side of the community and I love being a part of it. I hope to start making videos soon, so I would love it if people could subscribe and encourage me!

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