SGC: Simmers Group Chat


What inspired me was that I really wanted everyone to come more together as a community and be able to share our ideas and  build each other up as a whole. I didn't want to single any Simmer out, it didn't matter if you played on pc or if you played on console i see everyone as equal. The group is to help elevate and build one's self esteem about themselves and to feel more welcome and not shy around other Simmers. The "SGC" Simmers Group Chat is the best thing I have ever done for Simmers.

When we first started the group chat on Twitter I didn't think it would grow so much in a little amount of time. I first made a Twitter post announcing how I would love to start a group chat with Simmers then I started getting so many comments. Originally it was supposed to be one group chat with 50 members but then it started growing so rapidly we needed 3 group chats and each had 50 members. It was a hassle at first so I decided to pick 3 admins to help out which were Adele, Reeva and Aussie. They are so amazing! I really appreciate them. We all decided to switch over to a Discord server and they helped out with the channels. The discord is going really well and I appreciate everyone who has put forth the effort to help create this awesome community with me.

We are still accepting members. We currently have over 200 members in the Discord server. We still want to grow more and have other Simmers take part in it even if they think Discord isn't for them. It's a great community and I would love to keep accepting new members. I have a link in my Twitter bio that they can click on and join the server like that or either my admins and I can send out the links to Simmers that are interested in joining. Usually if a new Simmer that follows me I'll approach them and ask if they are interested in joining our community.

We only have one rule for the Discord and that's really to just keep your links in the appropriate channel that it goes in aside from spamming and being respectful to other Simmers. That's all we really ask of everyone on the server.

There has been no drama whatsoever in the Discord; everyone gets along well and people are very helpful to the new Simmers that are joining. We are a family and that's what families are there for; to help and look out for one another. Everyone is very friendly and uplifting and has not caused any disturbance or drama in this Sims Discord.

The topics are mostly Sims related because that's what I mainly wanted the group to be about. We have different channels like Sims chat, CAS, builds, Sims giveaways, upcoming packs, mods and cc , and every sunday I shout out a random simmer for the Discord. The non-Sims related subject is mainly just fun stuff and your everyday life like world chat, selfies, pet chat, trivia Tuesdays, gifs and many more fun subjects for the Simmers.

My admins and I host weekly challenges every Friday for members in our Discord server but in the future we definitely want Twitter Simmers to take part in our challenges as well. We will be looking into that very soon so then everyone can take part in these great challenges.
We plan on keeping our Discord server and expanding it in the near future. There are so many different things we can try and have Simmers take part in. I'm really looking forward to what we can do with this group in the future.

If you want to become a member of our SGC Discord server you can always find me on Twitter @xxtinkerbell my DMs are always open to new Simmers that want to join or you can contact my admins or moderators ; @AdeleLauraG @Simisphere @PsychoSimprano @mirandasimsyt @Aquatic_Lily 

I just want to say thank you guys so much for giving me a chance to be able to try to make our community better for everyone and to inspire the ones that look up to me. I really appreciate every single one of you. You have given me a chance to be heard in this community and hopefully in the future everyone will know who the SGC members are and are known for!