Taye Simmer March Feature

My name is Taye, I am 20 years old and a stay at home mom. I enjoy singing, writing, drawing, and playing the sims of course. I would consider myself a PC gamer.

I have been playing the Sims since I was seven years old. Sims 2 was out at that time. My cousin taught me how to play because she had learned to play the Sims at seven. I still play the Sims because it’s fun, addicting, and I like seeing the evolution of the game. Plus, I’ve spent way too much money on this game to no continue playing.My favorite Sims game so far would be Sims 2, no competition. Sims too had so many features, worlds, and story lines. I liked the wants and fears bar. The memories your Sim experienced. I like the date feature that told you how the date was doing. I miss inviting over the headmaster of the private school to impress him for you kid to go to a good school. I even miss the burglars. I miss the car and being able to woohoo in the cars. I think my favorite part was when teens would sneak out to go on dates and be brought back in a police car.

When I play the Sims, I’m typically doing Sim challenges. I am currently doing 2.5. I don’t like playing with cc or mods or even cheats, I’m weird I know. So, I play challenges people come up with to keep myself entertained. I honestly can’t see myself ever quitting the Sims. If I were to quit, it would probably be because I got too old.

My favorite thing about the Sims 4 so far are the lot traits. They make it extremely useful when trying to achieve certain goals, and I would say being able to lock the computer from unwanted house guests.

I hate the infants in the Sims. There aren’t that many interactions with them and you can’t click on them to figure out what’s wrong. I hate the guess and check feature. What would help improve the Sims 4 would be to add the features of the Sims 2 and have the open world feature like in the Sims 3.

My opinion on the Sims 5 is that it's been in development for a while and it's still not ready that’s why they keep prolonging the Sims 4. If you look at the timeline of when the previous Sims games were released and how far apart each of them are from each other, the Sims 5 should have already been released and since the CEO said the new generation of Sims might be multiplayer shows why the Sims 4 is being prolonged. Some people will argue that the Sims 5 isn’t in development because EA hasn’t said anything about it, but people fail to realize how long games take to make and adding a multiplayer feature takes even longer to make. Also, people drop surprise all the time no one is obligated to say what they have planned.

I love the Sims 4 community. I am a part of a lot of different Sims 4 groups on Facebook, I follow a lot of Simmers on Twitch and Twitter and subscribed on YouTube. I am also active on the Sims 4 forum I post challenges I’ve made and attempt to play challenges others have made as well. It is amazing to see how many different types of Simmers there are. From builders to creators, young to old, different genders. I am just happy there is a community like this to bring all different types of people together.

Twitter: TayeSimmer
Twitch: tayenation
YouTube: Taye Nation