Wambles March Feature

Hello, I'm Wambels, but you can call me Tal. I'm 17 years old, and a high school student. Playing The Sims has always been a passion of mine, the ability of creating someone's life and playing with it, always brings me back to the game.

I have been a Simmer for 10 years now, ever since I first discovered The Sims 3 in a game store when I was about 7 years old. The idea of managing a household made me very curious about the game, so I bought the game along with a couple expansion packs. Because the game always has new updates, new things to discover and offers a variety of things to do, I always play the game whenever I can.

I don't really have much free time, so I rarely play with households. I usually tend to create the first Sim as the perfect Sim, and then I continue to grow the other generations as much messier and complicated Sims.

Although I first started playing with The Sims 3, and then also with The Sims 2, my favorite Sims game would be The Sims 4. Even though The Sims 4 lacks in lots of aspects, it truly has the innovative feel. The Sims 4 allows the players to expand their creativity beyond imagination, by adding new sliders to the CAS and giving much wider options to customize the Sims. In addition, with the new build mode, it's much easier to build to your liking, and it saves so much time. I also would like to mention the gallery that connects between the players, it's a really important feature in my opinion as everyone can share their builds. The gallery really represents social media in a certain way.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is definitely the build mode. The build mode makes you feel like a real architect. You can build what you want, whether it's your house or a cool building you saw online.

The thing that I hate the most about The Sims 4 so far is the lack of things to do gameplay wise. There are many things that are missing, and so much more to be added, that's the main reason why I'm not that invested in playing with households. Luckily, the game still gets updates every now and then, so I'm positive things will get much better.

As the game offers so many things to do as I mentioned before, I don't think I will ever quit playing it. But if it ever really happens, I guess it would be because it won't offer anything new anymore, and won't get any new updates and new things to do.  Like I said before, the game would be so much better with updates that give more gameplay. There are a lot of things that are missing like cars, burglars, proms and more that I think would bring the game to a whole different level.

The rumors about The Sims 5 coming soon makes me really excited. I'm really curious to see what the developers of the game will do in terms of graphics, gameplay and new mechanics. I think it's still too early for the game to be released, as there are still many other things to add in The Sims 4.

Sometimes I feel really surprised about how big The Sims community is. There are so many creative Simmers out there that are doing amazing stuff. The ideas are really not ending in this community and that's what I like about it. I've been a part of the community ever since I started playing the game, but I only started being active on social media about a year ago. I can say that this is such a supportive and fun community to be part of, and I'm so glad that I've decided to be active on social media.

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