BrennaChan Sims April Feature

Hi, my name is Brennachan and I am 103 if you believe my Twitter! It’s all that essence of cowplant that I drink daily! I am currently a housewife, it sounds so old fashioned, but I keep myself busy looking after the cats I have rescued, doing actual housewifery, and spending time on all my hobbies from Sims to lampworking glass beads. I have played since the beginning, but even before that I played Simcity 2000 and SimTower on a PlayStation in Japan. The hubs thought I would like The Sims when it first came out and bought it for me. I have never stopped playing! 

The thing that keeps me playing is my own imagination. I love thinking of new ways to play the game. When you have played a game as long as I have, you want to do things differently. I have made mansions and played rich Sims. I have played with a starter house and a poor Sim who worked her way up the career ladder. This time around I was really curious to see how far I could go with off-the-grid play.  I tend to play off-the-grid, homeless, and/or post-apocalyptic. However, I am currently working on a challenge which has none of those properties. No matter what though, I tend to make over the world I want to play in, and then go from there.

Sims 4 is my favorite – not because I think it is the one that is executed the best but because I see so many elements in it to the way I currently play. From the poo-woo bush to the off-the-grid lot trait, there are so many neat features for players like me.

I really am hesitant to tell the background story of Murkland because I want it to be up to the person playing. This challenge became popular through the Simlit community, who told their own stories with it as a “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” kind of style. There are hints hidden throughout Murkland especially in custom books that are strewn around the CDC, but other than that, I let the play decide what happened to the world to let Murkland come to be.

Since the end of Sims 3, I had been toying off and on with playing off-the-grid. When the poo-hoo bush came out with Get Together, I was so excited about how that could change off-the-grid play. We finally had a natural toilet! With Outdoor Retreat, we had camping and even living in a tent and as I explored the aspects of that game pack more, I came to realize we had deodorant – Sims did not have to have a shower to stay clean! These elements in the game got me thinking of how I could make some kind of post-apocalyptic world. I love to build and create households to live in the builds, so I wanted to create a way to play centering around a makeover of a world. I chose Oasis Springs because it was the only desert world at that time, and I felt it suited the post-apocalyptic concept the most. I had played a lot with gardening and occasionally my sims would get a trash plant. I thought that plant would be the best suited for a dystopian world and it became the staple of Murkland. As for inspiration for the Murkland concept, I had recently started watching, “The Walking Dead,” and that got me into wanting to watch other post-apocalyptic movies and series. I watched all of Mad Max, Z-Nation, and loads of B-movies. I took elements of all of those and incorporated them into Murkland. I like to think of Murkland as one big sci-fi B movie!
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