Gaming With Jes April Feature

My name is Jesse’ Gould. I live in the small town of Leesville, Louisiana. I am a 30 year old stay at home wife and mom. My kids are ages 8, 6, and 6 - Yes, I have twin girls! Before mom life, I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have been lucky enough to be able to stay home with my kids until they were school aged. Now, I am able to work on my other passions and hobbies. I created makeup tutorials and lip swatch videos for a few years. Now, I am onto my other passion; GAMING! I have been a gamer since I was little. My love for video games started with Mario Bros on the original Nintendo system. Then eventually I turned to the Spyro the Dragon & Crash Bandicoot. I’m always looking for a new game to get lost in.

I have been a Simmer since the early 2000's when “The Sims” came out on PlayStation 2. My mom randomly surprised me with the game one day. At first glance, I was uncertain if I would actually enjoy the game. After creating my character, I was SOLD! 

The way The Sims drives you to achieve different life goals and skills is always evolving. We have so many more hobbies and skill sets we can learn now. I’m always excited to see what will be next!

I recently started building houses in The Sims 4. My whole life of Simming has been spent as a character of my desire until now. The packs are a new, great aspect of the game to keep others interested in playing. Who would have known we all would be excited to have new rug swatches?! 

I love the first few Sims games I played as a teen. I find myself always going back to play, The Sims Bustin’ Out. The nostalgia gets me every time. 

In The Sims Bustin’ Out, you have certain goals and career paths that lead you to interact with a variety of people throughout the game. If you want to progress to the next level, you must  follow those goals and make friendships. The game created so many amazing characters. They brought back Mimi Landgraab, which is one of my all time favorite Sims. I loved getting to know every Sim and enjoying their lifestyle until I moved up in my career.  

I tend to play lots of Simulation or adventure gameplay. I love being able to create a character and watch them progress. I love Spyro the Dragon as it brings a magical element to gaming. Harvest Moon really fulfills my farming needs. 😂 I love being able to watch my farm grow as I become a better farmer. Pokemon and Animal Crossing have been my must haves through my gaming year. The creativity in each character really keeps me interested in playing the game.

The only way I can see my quitting The Sims would be because my gaming console was broken.  I may take breaks every once in a while, but I always come back to play a new Sim with a new life. I can’t imagine having a life without The Sims.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the packs they come out with. I look forward to every new decor item, swatch, CAS options, aspiration, town, etc. We are able to give so many new details to our Sims; it’s amazing! My current favorite packs to play with are Realm of Magic and Cats & Dogs. Not only do these packs add another element to the gameplay, the build/buy options are beautiful and well put together. I love building a house using the items provided in those packs. Now, if we could have a farming pack added to the game, I might never leave my couch. I really want chickens!  

I miss the lore and depth of the original Sims games. You really got invested in each friendship you made because you had to LIVE with different Sims. In The Sims Bustin’ Out, the career path you choose ultimately decides who you end up moving in with. This gave you that one on one interaction with a variety of Sims at each career level. Mimi was my first friendship. Once I moved out, I have a goal to go back to check on her only to find that she is a complete MESS. I honestly don’t feel as connected to the characters and their stories as I have been in the past. 

I appreciate the Sims team for all the improvements and creativity they have brought to the game. They strive to give us new ways to play. I honestly miss the storylines we were given to play. I like the FreePlay mode as well, but a I’m a sucker for a good story mode. Of course, we would choose our careers, spouse, etc... but I like playing my way through the unknown. If we were given life options to choose from that randomly  presented itself throughout our gameplay, it would change our story altogether. There is nothing quite like the Sims way of spontaneity. 

What I'd want for a new TS4 DLC is FARMING! FARMING! FARMING! I love living the country life. If I could have a few chickens, maybe a cow or a pig, I would be the happiest little Simmer ever. Just imagine checking the chicken coop every day for eggs. How awesome would that be? It would also give a new skill set to the game. We could enter our livestock into competitions too. I would also love to have the option to take babies and toddlers with you when you leave the house. Having a stroller or baby carrier would be nice to add to the gameplay.

I have no clue what to expect for The Sims 5. I’m actually nervous to see what they will change. With every new version of the game, the graphics are better than before. But will the completely change the appearance of the Sims to be more realistic? I hope not. I want to keep the balance of what we have now. I’m expecting The Sims 5 to open up more gameplay options. Maybe an open world? I mean being able to get onto a car and drive to a house nearby might be fun. I try not to speculate too much, I enjoy  being happily surprised.

I’m newer to the Sims online community. I believe I started my account in January. I love seeing the many awesome builds that people are creating. The people I have met online have all been very friendly and welcoming as well. We all have our style of builds and videos. Some do CAS or speed builds, others do Let’s Plays. I want to give back the support they have shown me. If I see a build I like, I make sure to share it. I want others to enjoy it as well. When a new video is posted, I will be sure to watch and leave a like/comment. I try to be very active in the community.

Being a part of the Sims community keeps me motivated and inspired. I see a build I like, then I can create something of my own. I also love the option of having the Gallery. It recently became available to PS4 console players. I have already added a few of my own builds to it. It’s a great way to connect with others and see what they are enjoying.

I post videos on my YouTube channel @gamingwithjes

I post photos of my builds and other gaming things on my Instagram @gamingwithjes

I interact with the Sims Community and post photos to my Twitter as well @gamingwithjes7

You can also find my builds on the Gallery under @gamingwithjes7