Post-Apocalyptic Murkland: The Starter Challenge

by BrennaChan

What was once Oasis Springs is now Murkland, a post-apocalyptic world where there is very little access to food or water. Most Murklanders grow trash plants to survive, or rummage through old trash cans looking for something edible. There are zombies, and mutant raccoons and simmers living in tents, bunkers and abandoned buildings.

You are a Simmer living in a tent...

Seasons Update: You have 3 choices when it comes to Seasons. You can turn off how weather effects your sims in the gameplay options (you will still get weather but no consequences). Or, you can download my new Murklanders who are ice/heat proof and will night die when wearing the wrong clothes. Or lastly, you can manage each sim encounter and ask the sim to change into the right attire for the temperature using the, "See Outfit" option. This last choice is a cumbersome but effective way to control Seasons.  When playing the Gym Challenge, it is recommended that you either use the new season-proof sims OR turn off how the weather affects sims because you will be staying at the gym for a long time. The season-proof Murklanders will be listed and can be found in my gallery with (Seasons) in their titles.

Realm of Magic Update: Glimmerbrook, now Murkwood, is a haven for Earth Witches and is protected from the Simpocalypse by magic. Feel free to build up Murkwood with Earth Witches and their homes and commercial properties.

The Murkland Starter Challenge: Clear all the lots in Oasis Springs. Place the Murkland Starter at Nookstone.

Rules for the Lots: For both lots in Acquisition Faction: your sim must have a Level 7 in gardening and a Level 8 in Charisma to visit these two lots. They may become friends with either household if they meet these sims around town but they cannot visit those sims at their homes until the appropriate skills have been met.

Overgrown Library Rules: The Murkland library is open 10am to 6pm. The computers are off limits to those playing Challenge 1 but are available in Challenge 2. Becoming best friends with the librarian allows your sim the use of the librarian’s tent and the ability to spend the night, or visit when the library is closed. To improve the economy, the librarian insists that your sim pay for a barista each visit.
Murkland Mercantile Co-Rules: The Salamanders household owns the property and have marked the price up 100 percent. The clone drones run the business. Facilities are for paying customers only. Lock the kitchen for employees only. If you wish the store workers to look like clone drones, you will need to hire the employees. Have them open the store and wait for the employees to arrive. Create a uniform for the store that looks like a clone drone costume. When the employees arrive, assign the uniform to each worker.

Oasis of Portals Rules: To keep the park pristine the mayor requires visitors (except for children) to have mastered wellness. Teleportation is necessary to access the hidden cavern.

The Remains of CDC Rules: To visit this lot, the mayor insists that you hire two food stall vendors each visit, in order to keep the economy from crashing. 

Add either Dusty Boots to the starter or your own post-apocalyptic Sim - Simself is preferred. If you decide not to use Dusty Boots, she will become your neighbor. If you are using your own Sim, remember that the Burner Faction of which you are a part is a colorful group who love to dance, have desert parties and who want to be friends with the world even though times are tough. If you make your own Sim - in order for you Sim to rummage for food, they will need the glutton trait. They can have any other traits except klepto or vegetarian. 

Their aspiration is, “Friend of the World.” Aging is either turned off or on long life for this challenge. You may not use any potions from the aspiration reward store.  You may do an alternative aging gameplay - with a regular life span. You must obtain the Potion of Youth if you do this. It's the only potion you are able to use. Use the Money X cheat to get your household down to zero. Your main task is to grow 16 trash plants from scratch using your own trash to start them. You must grow them all from scratch -- from piles of trash. You must then evolve all 16 trash plants to the perfect level.

Collect, fish and rummage for food and items to sell. You may also sell trash fruit which you grow, but your Sim must eat trash fruit at least once a day since it is a Murkland staple. The fish of Murkland are not edible except for the bonefish. You may fish the waters and sell the fish you catch, but you can ONLY eat the bonefish purchased from the Murkland Mercantile Company though the special fish bowl you have on your lot. You can grill or roast the bonefish. You can collect any wild plant and sell it or eat it but you can only grow trash plants. You can grill anything on the outdoor grill (grilled fish must be bonefish), roast anything at the campfire (roasted fish must be bonefish), rummage for food in any trashcan, and you can eat anything from the coolers around town that are restocked by the Murkland Mercantile Company. If you decide not to pay your bills, the Murkland Mercantile Company will not restock your cooler at home (so please remove it from the lot).

 You can use deodorizing cream for your hygiene needs and you’ve been given one bottle. Your Sim must travel to Granite Falls to learn the herbalism skill and to acquire the ingredients for the deodorizing cream. Your Sim can collect any and all herbalism ingredients but may only make deodorizing cream and they cannot sell it. All homemade deodorizing cream is for self-use.

When your Sim is in Granite Falls, they cannot bring anything with them. They must sleep on the log benches. They can grill, roast and use the coolers for food. Or they can rummage in trashcans. When in Granite Falls, your Sim may use the public bathrooms but only use the shower option on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (your Sim may use the bathroom option at any time). Your Sim is not allowed to stay the night or use the facilities at the Hermit’s House. Your Sim may befriend the Hermit.

If your Sim catches a shower while fishing, they may use that shower at home on the designated shower days instead of going to the hot springs BUT they can only use brisk shower option. And, if they use the shower that day, they cannot go to the hot springs.

Your Sim may not travel to any other worlds except to Granite Falls. If you want to customize Murkland more, you can build out Newcrest (now called Nukecrest) as you like with households and builds. Please don't use things like perfect plants in such builds to give you an advantage in the challenge. If you decide to build out Nukecrest, this is the only world besides Granite Falls that you can go to.

When in Murkland, you Sim may wash up at the Murkland Hot Springs but due to limited fresh water sources they may only use the springs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

In addition to getting to a level two in herbalism (to make the deodorizing cream), your Sim must max out skills in dancing and gardening and complete the Friend of the World Aspiration. Please do not play other aspirations at the same time as they might be important for later challenges.

Your Sim is allowed to eat at any restaurants or food stalls that may exist in Murkland. Your Sim may purchase anything for fun that does not require power so they may buy such things as the acoustic guitar or violin. But they cannot make money on paintings or wood carvings. They may use the vendor’s table for selling items around town.

They may visit any lot with anyone that they have already met but they are not allowed to use the cell phone to call or text. They can use the travel together option for Sims they already know to go to a particular lot together. They must grow relationships face to face. You can only use the cell phone to get to Granite Falls.

Use of facilities - you may only use bushes around town. You may not use the bathrooms at individual residences because these are for the residents only with the exception of bushes. All bushes are okay to use.


Your Sim may not use any potions in the Rewards Store AND they cannot buy the Carefree Trait. All other items are available to purchase at this time.

Your Sim must live alone during Challenge 1. They may date other Sims but they cannot move in with another Sim, have a Sim move in with them, or marry a Sim. The only love children allowed at this time are ones made by alien abduction. If your Sim gets pregnant from such an abduction, you may purchase a bed or chair for them to sleep in, as well as, a potty and one toy. Toddlers will eat trash fruit. Toddlers will get very dirty but this is Murkland after all.

Finally, your Sim must save at least $15,000 from the above activities. When you have finished this challenge, the next challenge will depend on if you paid your bills every time or decided not to pay your bills at all.

Here is your starter home:

Link to Paid the Bills Challenge 2:

Link to Did Not Pay the Bills Challenge 2:

Link to the Zombie Challenge: