KittyPlaysWithYarn February Feature

My name is KittyCatPlaysWithYarn AKA Jen. I'm 21 and currently unemployed because of a chronic illness. But I'm looking into some online jobs.  I'm from New England, before you ask, yes it's cold. I have one kitten named Loki and live with my boyfriend and one roommate.

I haven't been an actual "Simmer" for too long. I played The Sims 2 on GameCube for a little bit but stopped soon after. When I got my first job in 2015 I found some Sims videos on YouTube and bought myself The Sims 3 and some fun expansions.  I've been playing ever since. I'm mainly a builder, so that's what keeps me playing is the constant stream of new possibilities of things I could build. One day I could build a tiny home, a cabin the next day, then a mansion. The possibilities are what keep me playing.

My favorite Sims game is by far, The Sims 4. And I say this with caution, as there is so much controversy surrounding that. But I say this because of how easy it is to make Sims or build houses. Of course, I’m referring to the drag features that were implemented in The Sims 4. Along with that I also love the emotion feature that they added. While many think emotions don’t have much effect on the Sims, I feel it has a pretty big impact. If they’re too uncomfortable or sad, they won’t do certain things. And personally, I feel like that’s very true to life.

I tend to build more than anything because I love the possibilities, as I said earlier. I feel like it’s the best way for me to let out my creativity. I rarely actually play, aside from the legacy challenge that my friend and I came up with. That’s the birthstone Legacy Challenge and it takes the same approach as some others, by “pushing” you to do things in-game that you wouldn’t normally do.

At one point I did have to quit for a few months and let me tell you it was boring. At that point I had to quit because I was trying to download The Sims 4 Cats & Dogs the night it came out, it wouldn’t download. As a product of me trying to download it, my game completely broke. I couldn’t even open the game. To this day, I still don’t know if it was because of a problem with my computer or the game itself. So I feel like if I had to stop playing again it would be due to a technical issue again.

As I mentioned above, I really enjoy the emotion system that they implemented in-game. I feel like it gives them more “humanity” if that’s a thing sims can have? I also really love the click & drag features they added into CAS & build mode. I feel like compared to The Sims 3, building in-game is now easier, therefore “letting” more people build. 

 I wouldn’t say that I “hate” anything about The Sims 4. There are things that I’m not a fan of, but I don’t use the word hate lightly.  I would really enjoy it if the emotion system affected Sims more than it currently does. I like it currently, but it could definitely be improved. I think we could also really benefit from more traits and aspirations as well.

The Sims 4 online community is starting to get pretty toxic in my opinion. It seems with every new release there is more and more toxicity. I’ve been part of The Sims 4 online community since late 2015. I participate by posting YouTube videos, I’m active on Twitter, and in a few groups on Facebook.

You can find me pretty much all over the internet! My YouTube channel is KittyCatPWY. Twitter is @PWYReal. On The Sims 4 Gallery KittyCatPWYarn. I also admin a page on Facebook called Sims Streamers & YouTubers, specifically for people who create content for The Sims!