Simmer Tinkkx February Feauture

Hello! My name is Tink. I am a 22 year old Simmer. I have been playing The Sims since The Sims 2 came out and I am so in love with the game. I always love meeting new people and building each other up in the community. I support any Simmer out there because everyone has to start from somewhere and I love the potential in Simmers. I am a full time medical assistant but in my free time I always have time to play The Sims.

I have been a Simmer since The Sims 2 , so I've been a Simmer for about 16 years now! I have been playing since I was a little girl and was always inspired by The Sims that I continued to play it through my adulthood. The Sims keeps me playing because you have a good time playing even if you're having a bad day or even if you're just not in the mood, Sims will always keep you smiling and laughing. The Sims team always have interesting ideas to put into the game and so detailed that it just keeps me playing. Just imagine how The Sims 5 will be!

My favorite Sims game is The Sims 4 because it's more realistic now than the others obviously as the years go by. I really love the expansion packs for The Sims 4 and mainly just everything about it is so inspiring to me. In The Sims 4 your Sims do the craziest things when you're not controlling them or even burns down your house. It's so crazy what they can do in The Sims 4 and I really enjoy playing it!

My type of gameplay is more of family gameplay, because I really love having a family and being able to teach them as they grow up into teen and adulthood. I usually never play with 1 Sim. I usually play a 4 Sim household. It helps build relationships more quickly and you can easily get to know one another and be there for the family and have family gatherings. 

If I had to quit playing The Sims, it would probably be because I started a real life family and putting my family needs first before a game, and I would have less time to play The Sims. In all honesty that would be the only reason I would quit or if I'm old and in my death bed.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 so far is the effort they put into the game to make each and every Simmer happy! I feel like they go above and beyond for the community and I really respect that about The Sims team. They never try to leave anyone out specifically PC vs console players. They try to make everyone feel welcome.

Only thing I hate about The Sims 4 so far is that on console we don't have mods and custom content. They're finally giving us the gallery and I'm so hyped about that, but it really sucks that console can't have mods and custom content. One more thing I hate is that I wish the time frame between releasing packs for PC and console was more closer together! 2 weeks max.

I think The Sims team should listen to the community more when releasing packs and give us some things that we ask for. Another thing is that I wish they would add things in the game that are supposed to be in the game instead of us having to buy a certain pack just for gameplay or that specific item.

Some of the online community can be really harsh and rude but at the same time it is some sweet. There are generous Simmers out there that I really respect and care for. I just recently started to try to get out there more on Twitter and started interacting more with the community and liking and commenting on their posts. I'm mainly on Twitter. Simmers can find me on Twitter as @xxtinkerbell