Simthesia February Feature

My name is Simthesia. I'm a 23 years old, stay at home mom and a small YouTuber right now. I have been playing since The Sims 1, but didn't actually buy Sims 4 until 2018, as I preferred Sims 3 and I had a lot of the expansions and wanted to wait for the game to improve before buying. It was when toddlers were added in to the game, I thought I wanted to get it! I love building and what I love about the Sims is, it lets your creations come to life on the screen! Also it's so open ended that you can't finish. There are always possibilities.

My favorite game from The Sims franchise is The Sims 4 but purely for the building aspect. I love how easy it makes building and so there are endless combinations that you can make. Also everything looks so beautiful. I love how amazing the buildings look and I just feel like the interface is so much cleaner and easier to navigate. I love realistic game play of The Sims 4, but for the most part I do play The Sims 4 just for the building aspect. I love making new designs and seeing them come to life.  

If I ever had to quit playing The Sims, it would be purely because it's so time consuming. I spend most days working on my builds in my free time and I get lost in the game!

Not to keep repeating my self but I really love the building aspect of the game. The amount of lots and different variations in size is nice to create a world of your creations. As far as game play goes, I really enjoy what they did with the parenthood pack. I think it really added so much realism into the game which was much needed. I like anything to do with families.

Sometimes when I play the Sims 4 it can feel a little dull, in terms of actual game play.  There is not much progression and this kind of disappoints me a little bit because I really love intricate stories and feeling like there are genuine relationships between the Sims, and I really don't ever feel that from The Sims 4 unless I am using mods. 

The creators taking in to account more feedback from the community would help improve The Sims 4 for the better, especially when it comes to much requested features over the years. I like the aspect of the community made packs and I think this is a step in the right direction.

I have only been a part of The Sims community online for about 2 months now, mainly because I started a YouTube channel where I do my speed builds and other things. I can't believe the amount of support I have received from others, and it's so nice we can all support each other in our creations.

I have a YouTube channel @Simthesia - I post everyday; mainly speed builds and let's plays, but I am currently renovating the entire Sims worlds. I released Willow Creek a month ago and have just finished my save file for the base game worlds! @Simthesia is also my handle for Twitter and Instagram and I am active on there as well and always looking to make Simmer friends!