The Young Architecht February Feature

My name is Zey. I'm 15 years old and play The Sims 4 a lot in my free time. I am going to high-school and I'm in the 8th class. School cause of course plenty of homework, but when I finish it, I immediately go to my computer to build in games like The Sims, Planet Zoo, Planet Coaster or Cities: Skylines. I wanted to do a degree in architecture in Sydney Australia, I think that's why I love building in games so much!

I've been playing The Sims since 2015. I started with The Sims 3 since my sister asked that one for her birthday and she got it. She was so sweet to let me play as well. Both of us liked The Sims 3 really much, but when we got The Sims 4 it became reality. We played a lot and every time a new pack came out and we got them, we played even more. Of course there are pros and cons, but what game doesn't? I love the game and just the ability to make so many different things makes me play more and more. Every pack expands the gameplay and the builds more and more. That's what I like about it. Play how you want to play.

As I said before, I only played The Sims 3 and 4. The Sims 4 is my favorite just because I played it the most, but I wanted to play The Sims 2  as well. That one look the most fun. Never played The Sims 2 unfortunately, so I will say The Sims 4 is my favorite, because it offers so much to build with and the controls are really easy. 

I don't play a lot, but I like the university gameplay a lot! I think that's the only pack I have finished with playing. Realm of Magic I have never played and Get Famous, Cat's and Dos and many more I haven't played as well.

If I had to quit plaint The Sims 4, I think the reason would be university, in real life I mean. Cause I think that would be really stressful and time consuming. Only with my high-school experience I know I can't handle stress that well, so with university, it would be a mess I assume.

The ability to build almost whatever you want is my favorite thing about The Sims 4. The stair update I loved, because now I can make more different styles. I don't need to think about a long space to place the stairs because I can make them in different ways. If I only have a space of three wide and three height I can put stairs in there, which before wasn't possible. Also I love the ability to play in different ways. If you like famous Sims, you can make them, if you like cats, you can make them. There is so much to do! That's what I like the most about the game. Everyone can do and play the way they want to play.

I don't hate anything about The Sims 4, cause hate is a big word but I would appreciate it if they would make create a style, spiral stairs, diagonal stairs and windows Sims can look out of. A create a world would be fun. And cars!

I think the community stuff packs are a lot of fun. The process, but also the result. In my opinion laundry day is the best stuff pack. So, I think if we would get more of those, the game would be a lot better and a lot more the way the players wanted it to be.

I like the Sims community. I've been a part of it since June last year and I  have been enjoying the games more ever since . Recently I started uploading some speed builds on YouTube. Now there are people who like my builds, and download them, I build more. Also I like to see what others create. Simmers are amazing and I'm so thankful you guys let me say something here!

I have a YouTube channel: The Young Architect. And  a Twitter TYoungArchitec1 and my Instagram and OriginID are both Upsidesim. I hope to see you there!