ChildOfStunnah March Feature

My name is Tej or I go by Tejah. Usually whichever is easier for people to pronounce! I am 21 and I currently am a full time writer and YouTuber while I go to esthetician school soon! I also sing and write music on Soundcloud!

I have been a simmer for over 5 years. Growing up I wasn't allowed to play many games so as I got older and made my own money I was able to buy what I wanted. Sims 4 was the first thing I bought! I kept buying as packs came out until my collection was full. At the time I didn't know anything about Simmers on YouTube until my sister started watching xUrbanSimsx and I was hooked. In my own time I dived deeper and found that so many amazing creators play the Sims and share it with the world! So about two years ago I started up a channel to share my stories and love for the Sims. What keeps me playing is the fact I can be myself and won't get judged for it. This community is wonderful and my beautiful subscribers keep me going! Although, You can lose the joy in playing so I take a day to myself to not post anything and do what I love to do in my spare time!

My favorite game is The Sims 4 if I'm honest. The reason why is because it's been an outlet for me and a joy for many years in my life. The game is still growing and I am so happy that I'm able to play and create beautiful stories for my Sims. The gameplay I tend to play is with families. I love to create Sims and watch them grow and have their own families. I love watching how big their family tree can get. But I also try to play with single Sims and give them different storylines to make things interesting for me!

If I had to quit playing The Sims the reason would probably be if for some reason I really fall out of love with the future content. But as of right now I love The Sims and I don't plan on giving it up!

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is Seasons. I love seeing the snow fall in game, hearing the light or hard rain falls in my earphones when I'm in the game. Even though the thunderstorms tend to startle me when I'm really focused I still love it!

What I dislike about The Sims 4 is vampires and aliens since I am into family gameplay they are of no interest to me. It's also annoying when I play with families I have to worry about them getting bit in the neck or abducted! Wish I could just toggle them off all together!

I truly think improved babies would truly improve The Sims 4 because having babies gets very repetitive and it's hard to seem excited when my Sim gives birth because I know the same interactions will have to be used over and over.

Honestly, I'm not ready for The Sims 5. I think The Sims 4 still has so much potential. I know different teams are working on The Sims 5 but I just feel like it'll fall short for me. I'm just hoping when it does come they learn from the mistakes in The Sims 4 and improve tremendously.

I love The Sims 4 online community! I've made so many friends and I get so emotional when I talk about this because like I said growing up in a religion where I couldn't hang out with anyone and be a normal teenager made me love this community even more. I've even met Simmers with the same situations I've faced. I've been a part of the online community for 2 years through Facebook groups and Twitter! I participate in Discord groups and even do collabs sometimes. Doing collabs with fellow Simmers opens up many friendships!

Fellow Simmers can find me on ;

Tumblr: caramelstunna 
Twitter: simxioclits
YouTube: childofstunna