Indie Rainbow Fish Gamer Match Feature

Helloo! My name is Indie Rainbow Fish Gamer, I am from the South of England and I am 24 years old. I am a new YouTuber who makes gaming videos, which is primarily Sims based. For now I am remaining anonymous in terms of my face and life, however I can say I have my own theater company, love performing and voice acting! I drink a lot of tea and love to make people laugh by being the weird oddball that I am.

I have been a Simmer since the beginning! I started playing when I was 5 in the year in 2000 and have bought every version since! I just love the creativity and the ability to escape and create a world of my own. I love inventing stories and creating a unique experience for myself, and now for others with my new YouTube Channel.

It's hard to pick a singular game, but in terms of game play I prefer Sims 3. I love the open world and the color wheel allows for so much more customization. However I love Sims 4 for building and the mods and custom content that is available does make up for some of the features missing in the game.

Publicly I love to create Sims, so I love to create detailed characters whom I feel I can connect with. Sims takes me back to when I used to play with dolls as a kid, so in terms of game play in my personal time, I need to feel invested in what I am doing. So I love to set goals for myself, such as making a family that I make numerous generations for, or try and find my Sim's soul mate. Setting challenges for myself keeps me invested in the Sims and gives me the most enjoyment.

I could never see myself giving Sims up completely, however sometimes when I play Sims  too regularly, I find that I am uninspired and lose connection to the game. So often I give myself a break to avoid becoming bored with my own game play.

Sims from the beginning has often been described as a "dollhouse for adults", and that's very much what I love about it. I love the endless creativity and the complete freedom to do what you want within the game. There is no right or wrong way to play the Sims, every player is different, which is amazing.

I disagree with a lot of what we have received thus far. I feel that some of the expansion packs are a little uninspiring, plus I find it annoying that each Sims base game requires at least 3 or 4 expansion packs to be enjoyable. Honestly I find that Sims 4 modders such as Sacrificial and KawaiiStacee make the Sims 4 so much more immersive and enjoyable.

I feel the live mode just needs to be more immersive. When you go to previous versions such as Sims 2 and 3, there clearly has been a lot of effort into giving each world and sim a backstory, I feel the addition of more traits are the ability to make each sim's personality more unique would be a wonderful addition. Plus I would love a color wheel!

Personally, I feel more could be added to the Sims 4. There's still so much more potential there and I would feel sad to see it end before it reaches its peak. As for Sims 5, I will never complain about seeing more Sims Content, I just hope that they listen to a lot of the fans' critiques and focus on making it a fun and engrossing playing experience. We love customization with building houses and Sims, however the live mode in the game itself needs to be just as strong. But I am ready and excited to see what's to come!

I only joined the online community in January 2020 and since then it has been incredible. I created a YouTube channel, Twitter and Instagram account and the amount of support has been wonderful. I primarily create videos but I also love to talk to Simmers on Twitter. In addition, I am lucky to be a part of an amazing group chat on Discord that was created by Tinkkxx. We set challenges for each other and honestly the sheer amount of talent is amazing. Plus I have made so many friends!

You can find me being a weirdo making Sims on YouTube, my channel is Indie Rainbow Fish Gamer. I do Let's Plays, Create- A- Sim and speed build videos. My content aims to be funny, engaging and creative. I always want to create new and silly videos, so I'd love to hear what others want to see me do. My Twitter is @rainbow_indie, I post images and previews to my content here. I also have an Instagram account, @indierainbowfishgamer, I post my Sim creations and builds there. Everyone is welcome to join the Rainbow Family!