Mother Of Bun March Feature

I’m Cara, a 20 year old originally from Ireland but currently living in England. I am currently studying animal management and hope to graduate this May and go into the animal field, maybe as a rehabber or dog trainer for airport security, I haven’t exactly decided yet.

I have been playing the Sims for as long as I can remember. The original Sims was released not long before I turned 6 months old and my mother played it regularly, with me on her lap. She then passed it on to me and bought me my own copy for my 6th birthday and I’ve been playing ever since. I continue to play because it serves as an escape from the real world. I have complete control and can live vicariously through my sims. It also allows me to let out my creative side, especially when it comes to building. Seeing which objects I can use together to create something new is so fascinating to me.

If I had to choose, it would be the Sims 3. It brought such a range of packs that suited a variety of play styles. For me, I enjoy realistic game play, which is why I hold packs such as Generations, Pets and Ambitions so close to my heart. It had such variety from the most mundane to magic, the supernatural and even time travel. For me, it was the most rounded game so far.

I tend to make my own stories and play through a variety of scenarios with my Sims. Often I find myself creating a family with two daughters; one an innocent, nerdy genius and the other a rebellious punk and watching how their lives pan out, especially with them being polar opposites.

Even if I quit playing the Sims, I feel like I would always come back to it. I’ve often taken breaks for months on end, mainly due to boredom but I’ve always found myself coming back eventually. If there was any reason I had to quit, it would likely be due to my poor computer finally giving up.

My favourite thing so far is probably the building aspects. The building from the Sims 3 to the Sims 4 has improved greatly, aside from the fact there’s no auto-roof. I find it so much easier to create unique houses in the Sims 4 and genuinely enjoy building. I also greatly enjoy the pinch and drag aspects of CAS rather than mere sliders. I feel it definitely helps to create more unique sims rather than slight alterations of pre-made character models.

Honestly, the sheer lack of hair and eye colour options. I know PC players are able to download CC (which I do on my PC) but there is a serious lack of hair colour options. We definitely need more shades of brown, red-browns, blondes and dyed options that aren’t contained to a single hair style. I definitely feel like bringing over the colour wheel from Cats and Dogs for Sim hair and eyes wouldn’t go amiss.

I would love for a pack that expanded upon generations as a whole, so essentially the Sims 3 Generations in the Sims 4. I know many say we have Parenthood, but I don’t feel as though it’s enough. It expands on parenting and less on generations of Sims. I would love so many old features to be brought back such as canes, strollers and prom. A pack that brings something to each and every life stage, especially since I feel elders are seriously lacking.

Neither me nor my bank account is ready for the Sims 5. I don’t doubt they will be or are working on the next generation of the Sims but I hope the release date isn’t for a while, especially since I feel the Sims 4 is nowhere near complete. I’m not satisfied with the current condition of the Sims 4 to allow it to end and I hope they feel the same way. As for the Sims 5; I feel once the base game is released the community will go nuts. In both good and bad ways. Being so used to a large amount of content and then going into a new base game which will likely have very little content will be a big shock. Personally, I don’t plan on buying the Sims 5 until there have been at least 2 pack releases.

I have been a part of the online community for a few years now and actively participate. My opinions can be very mixed as most of the community is loving and accepting and does amazing work, but there is always a dark side to everything and lately I feel the dark side has been creeping out more. I try not to get involved in any community drama as I like to stay positive and be friends with everyone but sometimes I definitely feel like the community does go over the top with criticism. Criticism within itself is perfectly fine, but there is always a line between that and being rude and hurtful.

Twitch; MotherofBun with streams to start in the summer. I also wish to get back to Instagram @Mother_of_Bun but I’m most active  Twitter @MotherofBun and my Gallery ID is CJRose2408.