Nessrice March Feature

Hi, my name is Sydney, and I am eighteen years old, turning nineteen in February. I am currently in my last year of high school. Wish me luck on my finals. I don't really know where I want to end up in five or ten years, but I hope I enjoy it. I have a brown and black corgi named Bear. I am currently trying to make her in the Sims because I just got Sims 4 Cats and Dogs. I like to play volleyball, binge-watch everything, push myself out of the antisocial bubble I live in, and of course play the Sims.

I like to think of myself as an on and off Simmer. I started playing the Sims Freeplay on my iPad. I loved creating the characters and doing the challenges that came with the app. I remember having to wait a whole day for the "stork" to drop the baby in the crib. Now, I can't imagine the Sims without a risky woohoo. I also remember when I couldn't play all the features because they cost additional money. I knew my parents would never buy me anything that got me virtual things. I think that's why I stopped playing for about a year. Then, a Clare Siobhan dream house series video was recommended to me on YouTube. My life kind of changed after watching it. I remember staying up late to watch about 200 thirty minute videos, just so I could understand the characters and the plot of the most recent ones. It was so entertaining that these virtual people were my favorite reality TV show. It brought back memories of my Sims Freeplay days. The Sims 4 looked so cool to me. I started watching more creators and eventually brought the game when it was on sale for $4.99. I had no idea how to play, no packs, and no idea what to do. I watched so many Sims videos, I felt like a pro. I eventually learned controls, I'm still learning, but it was love at first save file. I keep playing this game because the Sims I create are special and unique to me. I love who they are. I love the crazy things they do and the families they end up with. Also the Sims community is so wholesome, most of the time. I feel like a member even though I'm relatively new.

Out of The Sims Mobile, The Sims Freeplay, and The Sims 4, there is no competition. Sims 4 all the way. I know how people rant and rave about previous Sims games, but I don't let myself feel left out. The Sims 4 is really innovative in my eyes. I've tried to find other life simulation games, but they are not it. I feel like The Sims 4 is attached to a community I love being a part of. From Twitch to Twitter, and YouTube and even Simstagram. The community is constantly pushing Sims to be better and I'd love to be a part of that.

I am one hundred percent a Create-a-Sim Simmer. After I make a Sim, it's like they already have a background and a life they've lived. The detail you can put into these virtual people is crazy. When I make a Sim, I feel like the dream squad all in one person. I'm the designer, stylist, beauty guru, scientist, and doctor. After I've created a Sim that is amazing, to me at least, I feel confident. Although I don't post them all on the gallery, they are looking beautiful walking around in my game. As far as actual gameplay I want to do a little bit of everything. I've tried challenges like single mother and one hundred babies. I've also done a brief Simself. Sometimes I let the Sim decide for itself. I love starting games with young adult female Sims and seeing where they end up. I'm basically saying I don't want any Sim's life to be the same, so I try a variety of gameplay.

I think the reason I'd quite, if I quit one day would be a lack of variety. If lots of things in my gameplay became constant, I would feel like I have nothing to offer the game, and it has nothing to offer me. When or if I run out of unique ways to style Sims, different life paths, and no new gameplay I would be done with the game. I think that only applies to singular sims games and not The Sims as a franchise. If EA stopped trying to make the game better, I would quit The Sims as a whole. A game like this needs to evolve over time and if it doesn't I don't see the point in supporting it. I also might quit the game when I run out of money to buy all the DLCs. They aren't cheap, unless you get them on sale. P.S most of the ones I have were bought on sale. Don't judge me.

So far my favorite things about The Sims 4 is Create-a-Sim, the community around it, and the custom content creators that always make my game that much better. Create-a-Sim is awesome to me because in the real world I'm not the most social person, but in the game, I can choose for someone to be like me or the complete opposite. With the addition of mods and cc my Sims can look however I want and become different characters. I like that control I get creating them and when they get into the game I love seeing them develop. The community has so much advice and knowledge about the Sims that they love to share. I think that is really important to me and is a really good addition to the game. Custom content creators are some of my favorite parts of the game. If I want ultra-realism they've made it. If I want more gameplay, they've created it. If I want an upgraded Maxis-Match in my game, they have made it. They are so giving to the community and I appreciate that a lot.

I don't know if I hate anything in The Sims. I strongly dislike many of the base game CAS and build and buy items. Many of the darker skin tones are very gray and need to be improved. Don't even get me started on that afro. Over the years I think that things are getting better. University CAS and build and buy are amazing. They have caught up to modern times. Yay! I love finding items in the game I like, but I do choose custom content over a lot of them. I also don't like EA's premade lots. They are usually really empty and I am used to finding ones on the gallery that are so much more creative and thoughtful. I've seen a lot of Lilsimsie's comments on them and I agree one hundred percent. I am not a builder and I don't want to have those lots in my game for the most part. I also don't like it when EA gives us things we never really asked for instead of ones we do. I could go on about that forever, but I'm choosing to stay vague on that one.

I think that EA and the Simguru's truly listening to Simmers improves the game. I'm not saying they don't do that though. There is no other better focus group than actual players. I think there should be more player picked packs. Laundry day was a great pack and Simmers chose it. I think that EA doesn't have to even think about what we want in the game because the Sims community already tells them everything. We need more real life in the game. We need better babies, more activities, more personality and traits. I think that the base game needs to be expanded. We shouldn't have to pay for things that should already be there. I don't want to come off as ungrateful in any way. I love the Sims, but everything can always be improved.I have absolutely no idea what The Sims 5 is going to be released as. I like the balance of cartoony and realism in The Sims 4 now and I like that just fine. 

The rumors and speculations of multiplayer that have been going around have my thoughts divided. One one hand I would love to play with my friends together, but by ourselves. I don't know if I would feel comfortable in a world of people playing in real time. I am also a certified/wannabe custom content addict. I can't imagine playing without it. I could, but I choose cc over none every time. People are saying multiplayer might be the death of cc and I would be so sad. Many people support cc makers and I wouldn't want them to be out of a job or hobby either.

I expect EA to improve and upgrade everything on the previous Sims game. If it isn't a better version of the game, then I am fine playing The Sims 4 and not spending more money. I have only been playing for what seems like a short time and I don't want to move on just yet.

I think the community I am a part of is so supportive, accepting, and full of love. Most of us are strangers who we've never even seen or said our real names to. The way Simmers open up and listen is unlike any other. I feel welcomed in every single Sims Twitch stream I have entered. I mostly watch smaller Simmers on Twitch and more mainstream Simmers on YouTube. I can say that I've seen division among the community as a whole. I don't think any two Simmers feel exactly the same about the game and it shows. It is okay to have opinions and not everyone understands that. I've seen my fair share of trolls, but there has always been more good than bad. I considered myself a part of the community as soon as I bought the game. I subscribe to many Sim-oriented YouTube and Twitch channels.

I also am active on Twitter and follow mostly Simmers. You can find me as Nessrice1 on Twitter, this is where I'm my Simmist self.