Robin Jill March Feature

My name is Robin Hoover. I’m a 52 year old registered nurse. I have been a Simmer for 10 years. There is just no end to the fun and imagination of the game. I get so invested In my Sims and just cannot wait to play them every single day.

If I had to pick a favorite, it is hard for me to choose between The Sims 3 and The Sims 4. Even though they are iterations of the same game, it is difficult for me to compare these two games because. They are vastly different. Regarding The Sims 5, I am interested in more information before I make any judgments on the rumors.

For my own personal gameplay I tend to play either single moms or families. On my YouTube channel I have many different styles of play. The limitless creativity and the awesome community are what makes this game so awesome. I cannot fathom ever giving up this game. I cannot think of anything I actually hate about the game. There are minor annoyances but that comes with any game. I love how the gurus are active in the community and they sometimes listen to us. Maybe they could do that a little more.

I love how active the community is. I have been a lurker for a very long time but once I started making challenges and LP videos I have become more active. I like to help noobs learn some secrets about the game.

Other Simmers can find me on:

Twitter: @RobinJillRN