The Lady Griff March Feature

My name is Ally. I am 24 and a stay at home mum to my 2 year old daughter and 1 year old son. I live in rural Victoria, Australia. I am a new YouTuber and a newbie streamer on Twitch.
I first played the Sims on my PS2 when I was about 8 years old. The game had already been out for several years but we were living in a bus at the time and moving around constantly so we came into the Sims a little later than some. My siblings and I instantly fell in love with it and we began purchasing game after game. Bustin' Out, Sims 2, Sims 2 Pets, Sims 2 Castaway. Eventually we were settled enough and could afford a laptop so when we had access to the PC versions of the Sims 2 we began collecting all of those packs as well. It was the same when Sims 3 was released. However, at that point I was a teenager and stepped away from the game a bit. We played Sims 3 on the Wii a little but I never really got into that game. I eventually purchased an Xbox One S after I graduated high school and got the Sims 4 on there. I fell in love all over again. I was immediately reminded of why I love the games. I just love being able to build houses and create Sims. I love the creative aspects of the game and the life simulation side. Telling stories and creating these little lives. And the humour that comes with it.

My favourite Sims game would be Sims 4 simply because of how it looks. Don't get me wrong I am a huge fan of the older games. They are everything to me. But if I had to pick one to play for the rest of my life it would be Sims 4. I play the others when I miss them but I quickly get tired of the graphics and really bad design choices. Game play in those older games is way better but I do spend more time building in game than in actual game play. For me the best part of the Sims 4 would be the style and graphics. It is so much easier to use and so much nicer to look at.

I love building and creating Sims. I can sit for hours upon hours creating. Game play is harder for me. I started my YouTube channel in the hopes of doing builds and also to help inspire me to actually play with Sims more. It has helped a fair bit.If I ever stopped playing the Sims it would be either because I no longer had the time or platform to do so, or if it really just flopped. Lately the game has been getting pretty dull. So I think if it became so boring for me I would probably stop playing. Maybe not forever, but a long break perhaps.

My main issue with the Sims 4 is that it's looks are about all it has going for it. Game play is dull and it falls short in so many ways. Babies are objects, social interactions are empty and unfulfilling and the worlds are so empty and plain. There isn't much to do with your Sims. Visiting community lots is boring most of the time. Relationships are basically all the same and hollow. It just doesn't have the substance that the previous games had. Nor the sense of humour.

The Sims 4 needs some serious updates and needs some packs that can add those missing chunks of game play. It's the simple things that are missing. We need babies that are actual Sims, more toddler stuff, family game play, better vacations and just more real life details. The survey that the Sims team did recently about what we would like to see in the future was right on the mark with a lot of things. We need more substance in interactions and variations on how those interactions are received. One thing I find frustrating about the Sims 4 is how easy it is to romance or befriend everyone. My Sims rarely encounter resistance. It's just too empty and unrealistic. So anything that helps improve on that is welcome in my opinion.

I am so ready for the Sims 5. I understand why a lot of people aren't since we have all spent so much time and money on the Sims 4, but I am ready for the next game. At this point I feel like the amount of work needed on the Sims 4 to make it better could be better spent on making a new game that could be all that and more from the very beginning. I love the Sims 4, but it's at the point where I am questioning if it is even worth saving. There has been so much negativity surrounding it I feel I need a breath of fresh air. 

I would love a new game. And the mention of multiplayer makes me so incredibly happy. The Sims 2 on PS2 was split screen multiplayer and playing the Sims like that are some of my best memories. I got to share that whole experience with my siblings and I would not trade those years for anything. I don't want a fully multiplayer game, but the option to play with others would be awesome. 

I am relatively new to the Sims online community. I have only been on Twitter for a couple of months or less. So far I have had such a fantastic experience getting to know other Simmers who love the game just like I do. I never had that before. I never even knew about Sims YouTube videos until the end of 2019. So I am very new. Honestly it has been such an awesome experience. I have met some fantastic people. But I have also seen the darker side of the community and even as a newcomer I am already ashamed of a lot of the negativity within it. I didn't realize that there was this negative side either. Thankfully, so far, the positive has outweighed it and I am enjoying being a part of this community.

YouTube: theladygriff I am currently doing my 100 Baby Challenge and Bitlife Controls My Sims on my channel with some other videos on there and in the planning stages.
Twitch: theladygriffyt I stream at random times due to having two toddlers but I try and stream fairly regularly. I am working on a schedule. I stream Sims and sometimes other games.
Twitter: @theladygriff1 
Instagram: theladygriffyt