ArielCreationSims April Feature

My name is Hanna but I prefer to be called Ariel, why Ariel? Only because I love the Little mermaid.  I’m 24 years old and my birthday is August 17, 1995 so my zodiac sign is Leo. I was born in France, in Paris. I like to play video games, all horror games but also The Sims and Animal crossing. I know its weird but it's the perfect definition of my personality. I work in a women’s clothing store. I have two cats, I consider all of them are like my children. I have a little sister who love Sims too. I've been in a relationship for 6 years, and he's the best man for me in the world. I love rock and metal music but I love Katy Perry too, yes it's weird...

I started my Sims account in November 23, 2019. At first, it was just to share my creations, but now I have a big community and it’s crazy I love all the people on the Sims community. I meet new friends and that’s the only thing that matters. I’m glad people see my work and support me, it means a lot to me. It’s amazing because I would never have imagined such a thing. So I thanks everyone for the support and all the love.

I’ve been playing the Sims since the Sims 1 came out in 2000. My father had bought me the Sims 1 and he used to make houses for me when I was little. As he is an architect it was simpler for me. And today I do him a little honor trying to create houses. That’s my favorite part of the game. I am not an architect like my father but I can boast of being one in the Sims. I often build and challenge but I also love creating families and making them live in a universe that belongs only to me.

I think The Sims 3 is the best in game play because we were free to travel in the city without loading time. And we had the possibility to create furniture, walls and floors ourselves with the paint tools of the construction mode. That’s what I miss the most. But I’m still a fan of sims 2 it was great I loved everything I spent a lot of time there. But nothing beats the graphics of the Sims 4 ! 

If one day I stop playing the Sims the reason will undoubtedly be that the game doesn't please me anymore by the game play or then I would be  a mom and would no longer have the time, but it would surprise me even as mom I would play  while giving the bottle to my baby.

What I love the most in the Sims 4 is the design of clothes, hairstyles and furniture. We no longer need to download custom content now because the game offers us a lot of different combinations and styles. I appreciate the cartoon side of the game. And the gameplay is much better. I find the interactions are more realistic and there has really been work on the relations between The Sims. Strangerville is one of my favorites because there’s a city investigation and a story. I enjoyed participating in this adventure to discover the secret of the city.

What I don’t like about the Sims 4 is the lack of things we had in the other Sims. For example in the Sims 3 animals we had much more choice of animals. Or trips like the Sims 2 and Sims 3 where we had Paris or China. Or work, in The Sims 2 you could be a florist, or the Sims 3 interior decorators. I think we need more clutter and object decors. I hope we will have more things like hair or clothes in the CAS because men and toddler haven't got a lot of stuff, maybe spiral stairs too. And being able to swim in other Sims world other than Sulani. I want a new world in the mountains. I  love mountains and I feel sad when I see we haven't got a mountain world in The Sims 4. And I would like maybe some activities like skiing or luging. 

I’m not ready for the Sims 5 yet, for me there’s still a lot to do with the Sims 4. I don’t really like rumors about online mode either, the game will require to be much more powerful and some people don't have the chance to have a good computer. Especially since the game will probably be more expensive. I also wonder how it will be for people who don't have the same packs, I mean if I am missing a pack and I decide to play online with someone who will have all the packs do I see its additional content? Or if a person uses personalized content and I don’t have any, graphically his personalized content I wouldn’t see them so I wonder what alternatives there would be.

The ability to create and share creations with people around the world brings the Sims community closer. It is a pleasure to discover exceptional creations in the gallery. It is a source of immense sharing. I love sharing what I create and seeing people using my creations is a real pleasure. By sharing our builds we all participate in the development of the game and the community and I find it fantastic. I've been sharing my creations since I started my Instagram account. I create some houses, room designs but you can also find some real cities like Paris, Istanbul, New-York and Amsterdam. I like to travel through my cities. I do a base game versions too for people who don't have all packs.

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