CF-Sims April Feature

My name is Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva). I am 38, and a stay at home wife and mum. I've been playing on and off since The Sims 1, but really more so since Sims 4 came out. I keep playing because I have so many build ideas that I want to get done, building is my relaxing time at the end of the day. The Sims 4 is my favourite out of the whole franchise. I really love how it looks.  The cartoon like graphics are by far my favourite.  The build mode is so much nicer than the other Sims games and I love what all you can do. I'm so pitiful at game play, I've tried and failed so many legacies, challenges. I tend to make a Sim, put it in a home and then delete the save. It's a real struggle for me. I am trying a new legacy out and really trying to make something of it this time. 

If I ever stopped playing The Sims, the reason would be I'm dead, simply put. The game might be incredibly lackluster, missing details, basically feels lazy compared to the other Sims games, but there's still so much that you can do, and I love how relaxing the game is. What I hate about The Sims 4 is how lackluster and boring it feels in terms of game play, there's no generations/genealogy, no townie back grounds/stories, there's no personalities, and the lack of sports, hobbies, elder things is sad. Babies being an object and not being able to do more with toddlers is pretty lame. As for to help improve The Sims 4, there's really to much to list at this point. I think one big improvement would be a relationship overhaul with an attraction system, give the Sims some personality. 

I haven't really been paying attention to The Sims 5 right now. I don't see it being that great given the history of Sims 4. I just hope that they actually put some effort into The Sims 5. Before The Sims 5 comes out, I'd like an elder pack (retirement home, tell stories of growing up, etc), a hobbies pack, true off the grid living, and yes I'd like farming. I just want DLCs that add to the game play instead of just constantly getting BB/CAS stuff and most of it for the YA-A Sims. 

The online Sims community has it's moments, I follow some great people and block those that aren't, so I've kind of chosen my community and it's amazing. I've really only been a part of it for about a year and a half, before I just played my game, built my homes but didn't share them. My husband thought it would be a good idea to share them since building them brings me so much joy.
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