ElderJymm April Feature

My name is Jim Tracy. I am 66 years old, and retired. Before retirement I was once a computer technician, a cook at several places and later on a meter reader for my hometown.

I've been a Simmer since I first heard of Will Wright and played the Maxis game SimCity in 1989. I'm first and foremost a strategy freak and the loved the city builder. When I saw little "people" wandering through my city in SimCity 4 in 2003 I needed to know more. A friend told they were Sims and lent me his Sims game.  I was hooked. I played it and the expansions he had, I even bought two he didn't own; The Sims: Superstar and  The Sims: Makin' Magic. They were extremely fun to play and the fact that I could build places for them to live was great! In 2004 I gave him back all his games plus the two I bought and got the Sims 2. I met folks in the early community in various sites such as MATY and Simology. All the time looking for mods and custom content to make the Sim world my own. In The Sims 3, I started making odd Sims and odd places for them to live in. Sharing quite a few early creations over at https://mypage.thesims3.com/mypage/Cebu2cool . Now the community for me is Twitter and Twitch and the place to share is the Gallery.  I do still hang at http://simsasylum.com/tfm/ as SimJymm where I post and share a lot of information I discover.

My favorite out of The Sims franchise so far is The Sims 4, hands down.  I like the look of the game and the look of the Sims in particular. The build mode is robust, though it does have a few issues at times. Basically I make a build and make Sims to live there, play testing at first. Then I get carried away with their Sim lives. My first build was based on a container build of mine in the Sims 3.  I refined it next and moved the elder Sim me into it. Lately some of my builds have been big and some others are based in Murkwood where I made homes for my Earth Mage mHlaba and his traveling companion Isheke and their neighbor the Earth Witch Talamh and her familiar Cinder.  I was very honored that both of these households got Maxis Favorites. 

I play quite a few games other than The Sims, like Civilization, since the first one, all the Elder Scrolls, where I got the Elder part of my name, and various new city building games. So I don't think The Sims will fade away for me, but I may be distracted at times.

My favorite thing about The Sims 4 is the building simulation. It is a blast. So many good tools in game and a surprising number of mods that help to build. Tho some mods are great I'll only use them if the builds I do can be shared in the Gallery.

On the other hand there are certainly things missing that were in earlier versions. Will we eventually get them?  Who knows? Not sure if EA even knows. I think things like world builder tools would help improve The Sims 4 for the better. I'd love to see the worlds more open, fewer loading screens when visiting neighbors.  I'd love to see Create-a-Style return.  When we got terrain tools I was very happy, but where is the pond tool?

For the future DLCs, farming is a must, if only as a Sim petting zoo would be okay. Making the Base Game and some of the newer worlds be as large as Get Together's Windenburg is needed. New occults would be necessary. Bring back fairies and werewolves!  I would like to see all the oversized game objects, like the telescope and microscope and dollhouses, made Sim sized not just house sized! 

About The Sims 5, I tend to ignore the speculations and like to focus on getting an expanded and improved Sims 4. I'm still happy with the current game.

As I mentioned earlier I've been part of the community since the beginning, lately though it's mainly Twitter and Twitch. A very fun way I get to participate is being a moderator in the Sims Idle Stream on Twitch.  I am a proud member of the #BobSquad ! You can find me as ElderJymm at Twitter and Twitch and SimJymm at a lot of the older sites but more so lately at TFM's Sims Asylum.  And as far as YouTube goes I'm Jymm and I have three videos that were uploaded from the Spore Game 11 years ago.