Golden Simmer April Feature

Hey All! Many of you may know me by GoldenSimmer in the Sims community but my name is Tiffany or Tee for short. I am a 28 year old pre-K teacher. I am also a believer of Jesus Christ and I put it because I want to hold myself accountable and also reach the other simmers who are as well. I am also a wife! I’ve been married for 7 wonderful years to my amazing husband! Who is also a gamer so that makes life easier when filming!  I have been a Simmer since I was 8!  Yes, 20 years ago, I can’t believe how old I am! What keeps me playing is the fact that I can tell my stories that I have in my head! I am a writer and wrote my first book when I was 12 but the old computer (I mean a white box that was blinking) crashed and I lost everything. I love the fact that the Sims gives me an opportunity to play out my stories, I get to see the characters how I see them in my head. I enjoy playing the old stories that come with the game as well.
I definitely enjoy The Sims 4 more than any other Sims games. Let me explain. I enjoy the open worlds and the animations that we had in previous games. However, I am in love with the graphics of 4. I also love the packs more than the other packs. My favorite packs are Seasons and Discover! I usually enjoy family gameplay. However, I just recently “removed” my first Sim. My favorite thing is definitely Create-A-Sim. I enjoy making Sims the way I see stuff in my head. I am beginning to enjoy building. I’ve been working on my skills. I love that I can literally create anything I want to.

On the other hand I don’t enjoy the fact that we buy packs and then get it free down the line. However that has nothing to do with the game. I HATE THE LOADING SCREENS!!!!!!! WHY SIMS WHY?!
I think better graphics for sure would help improve the game. I would also love to see more African Americans represented. I think we need more content that shows who we are. I would love more hairs that are curly. I would LOVE  to see more baby items. I would love a pack centered around solely babies. I would also enjoy another activity focused pack, maybe like more activities to go with Seasons. Winter sports and summer sports maybe.  I can’t wait to see what improves with new packs and possibly a Sims 5.  
I think the rumors are true, we are well into the expectation time to get a new game. I am so excited about The Sims 5! I EXPECT it to be great! Let’s be honest where can we go from here? I would like if the graphics looked more “alpha” not necessarily hairs but actually in game things. I also think we need more worlds. I’m not keen on open worlds but we don’t need loading screens to visit neighbors.... in an apartment!

If I was to ever quit playing The Sims, it would be because of... I really can’t think of a reason. I say this because The Sims is an individual game. You are allowed to play the game however you want! It doesn’t matter what happens to the game because you can just revert it back to what you like. I honestly can’t think of a reason why I would stop.  
I love the community! I’ve been active in the community for 7 months and I’ve been welcomed with open arms! The community is so welcoming. I just found out about it in July 2019. I enjoy how people are so excited to celebrate others. It’s a good feeling! I’ve also met some amazing people who I now call friends!

I am very active on all of my socials!

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