Katverse April Feature

Hey everyone! My name is Kat. I’m 29 and from a far away land called Estonia. My “job” is to play The Sims and create content for it. I’ve been a Simmer since it first came out way back when. I remember my brother showing me how to install custom content for The Sims 1 and I was so amazed by it. If custom content wasn’t a thing... I’m not sure I would still play the game, to be honest.

Sims 4 looks good and I love creating content for it. But, I also love Sims 3 because it has better gameplay and I could spend hours just playing the game and I can’t say the same for Sims 4. So, I guess it’s a mix between Sims 3 and Sims 4, if I had to pick a favorite. About The Sims 5, I like the idea of multiplayer as an option. I would love to play this game with my friends. However, I’m not sure I would love to have total strangers in my Sims game.

My gameplay style reflects my own personality I guess. I’m a loner in real life so I also like playing with just one Sim. I almost never get married and have another Sim live with my Sim. And even if I do get married in the game, the Sim will live in his / her own house. And kids are not for me. I go from world to world and live my best life in The Sims 4.

I started creating custom content cause I was just curious. I’ve played The Sims with CC all my life and one day I got curious about how people create CC. So, I looked into it, tried and failed to make my own CC but eventually, I figured it out. At first, it was CAS Backgrounds because that was the easiest, then I discovered how to make makeup. Then I found my true passion, which is Sims art. I participated in this competition called Sims 4 Miss World on Twitter and that challenged me to make Sim edits/art and for that, I needed custom poses. I got so annoyed because I never found a pose I wanted, so I was determined to make my own and they were really bad at first but like anything, practice makes perfect. And I always say this to people because it's something I truly believe in, as cheesy as it may sound.

I remember I was so frustrated because Blender seemed like rocket science to me - it still does, and all the tutorials were not the best either so I just started messing around with different tools and buttons in Blender and I made my friends pose for me so I could see how people’s hands, arms, and legs work.

I have this Sim; Roxana, I recently made and I truly enjoy playing with her. Mostly because she’s gorgeous in my eyes. It took me like an hour or so to create Roxana. Like most of my Sims, I created her by accident by just playing around with different sliders and presets and of course CC. My favorite thing about this sim is her face.. and the realistic body, thanks to the CC body preset made by Obscurus-Sims. Roxana doesn’t really have a proper background story. She just lives her life by traveling around with her RV home. She doesn’t own a lot of things because she’s never home. She has the spirit of an explorer and doesn’t really care about city life. Also, she might be a mermaid, because she’s always swimming, and found around water.

I joined the community when Sims 4 came out. Before that, I didn’t even know the Sims community was a thing. I posted a picture to my personal Instagram of my Sim I made in The Sims 4 demo version and all these Sims accounts started liking it and then I discovered there’s a whole new world of gamers out there; CC accounts, story accounts, build accounts... My first account was a Sims 4 story one on Instagram. Great times!

The community is mostly great. Of course, there are trolls and what not but I love the fact that there’s a place where I can go and just talk about all things Sims, see other people’s creations and talent. The Sims community is super creative which inspires and motivates me to create more too.  People have been so supportive and I love being a part of the Sims community.

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