PurpleSimz April Feature

Hi! I'm PurpleSimz, also known as Anne. I am twenty years old amd I'm from the Netherlands. Currently, I'm between universities, to say it nicely. When I am not playing the Sims, I am most likely reading or playing other games. I really love my Nintendo Switch and crazy me even bought a 2DS XL in 2019.

I have been a Simmer for almost as long as I can remember. I remember moving houses and finding a copy of The Sims Deluxe and the Unleashed EP at something like a flea market. I think I was 8 years old, maybe 9. I begged my parents to buy it for me and now we're here. I don't exactly remember the year, but I believe it was 2007 or 2008. The thing that keeps me from not quitting this game, is how easy it is to just escape from the real world while playing. The Sims franchise helped me through a difficult time of my life, and I will forever love it for that.

While I only play The Sims 4 nowadays, my favourite Sims game is The Sims 3. Too bad my good old MacBook doesn't want to run it, I have a stubborn laptop. I love The Sims 3 for being so open, for showing me how there was way more to a life simulation than what the original Sims game showed me. It's the version that finally made me realise how the game worked, how to make money, how to start families... And it was great.

I mostly play in life mode, with legacies or other families. Recently I have finished the ABC Baby Challenge, which was really fun and way less intimidating than the 100 Baby Challenge. I also enjoy creating Sims, but when I have a legacy going, I don't do that as much as I would like to. Building is something I absolutely suck at, but I do like to do it from time to time. When I do play, I try to give my Sims challenges, goals... stories, even. I love how you can super easily move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood without losing relationships and family. It's been there from the start and while it's simple, I absolutely love it.

What I don't like about The Sims 4 is how easy it is for Sims to get very, very heavy weighted. For example, one pregnancy and boom, the Sim's weight is all maxed out. I know women usually gain weight during pregnancy, but that's too over the top. Also, it's not easy for Sims to lose that weight too. It really annoys me.

For the improvement of The Sims 4, the packs need more polishing before they're released. There's so many bugs in the game too, and while the game gets patches all the time, those bugs are still there. We need more bug fixes and play testing. Probably rather cliche, but I would love a generations pack. I want more things to do for toddlers, kids, teens and elderly sims. Parenthood really just focused on.... Well, parenting. It just wasn't enough for me. If at any point I had to quit playing The Sims, it would probably be something medical. Like, being blind or having no hands.... Yeah, I'm not planning on quitting this game anytime soon.

I am not ready for The Sims 5 yet. Of course, I'm not surprised it's on its way.  I hope it has a base game that does not lack basic things like pools and toddlers (yes, looking at the OG Sims 4 here). I hope we can at least get open neighbourhoods, making it easy to visit neighbours, but still keeping it somewhat easy on cheaper/older computers. I honestly try to not think about it too much. Not until I hear something official from EA, that is.

I try to share these stories on Twitter, with screenshots. The character limit makes it challenging, but fun. You don't need a successful YouTube channel or Twitch page to be a Simmer, after all. I have been part of the Sims 4 community on Twitter since... 2018? I don't know, I shifted from the Sims 3 to the Sims 4 easily. I really like the community for the most part, but because it's really big, there's also lots of drama. I'm not a fan of the drama, but hey, I try my best to avoid it. I participate in the community  by posting pictures of my Sims gameplay, since I currently don't have a very active YouTube channel. That'll hopefully change soon, though! Oh, and another way I participate in it is hosting giveaways, but those are rare -very rare.

Twitter: purple_simz
YouTube: purplesimz
Goodreads: iggydraws